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Information Technology Services

Secondary Password

overview and instructions

When you log in to BC Google Apps, you will use your existing and you will be required to set up a second password ("Secondary Password") to access BC Google Apps.

Your Secondary Password must be a different password than your main BC password. Requirements are detailed on the Secondary Password Change/Create page in the Portal.

How to Create/Change Your Secondary Password

Follow these steps to update your Secondary Password:

  1. Log into the Portal at
  2. On the My Services tab, click Change Secondary Password.
select secondary password
  1. Enter your current BC password in the first box.
  2. Enter your Secondary Password in the next two boxes using the required format.
  3. Click the checkbox confirming that you have reviewed and agree to the Security Agreement.
  4. Click the Change/Create Secondary Password button.
change secondary password

A message displays confirming you have successfully changed/created your Secondary Password.

secondary password confirmation