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Information Technology Services

Group Email Accounts

About group email accounts

Currently, group email accounts are only set up as interactive accounts, and are for faculty and staff only and require the department's VP and ITS Security department's approval.

Learn about alternatives to group email accounts at BC, such as BCPost Mailing List Service (listserv).

Interactive Accounts (faculty & staff only)

There are a few instances where an interactive account is necessary. For example, the ITS Help Center has a group email account ( When email is sent to the Help Center, staff work with the messages together by logging into the group email account with a username and password. Each staff member can see if a response has been sent and view the response in the group account’s sent folder.

Interactive group accounts pose significant security concerns since passwords are shared and are often not updated with changes to staffing. Interactive group accounts are subject to frequent security audits. Due to these concerns, Information Technology Services is working to eliminate the majority of the current interactive accounts and all requests for new group accounts will require the approval of the ITS Security team and the department's VP.

If an interactive group account is approved, an email account will be created in Exchange. Learn more about interactive group accounts.

Requesting a new group email account

Currently, academic and administrative groups, organizations, and departments can request group email accounts.

To request a new group email account:

Please note that it may take 1-2 business days to complete your new group email account request. If you require a faster turnaround time, please email

Learn about alternatives to group email accounts at BC, such as BCPost Mailing List Service (listserv).

Changing or deleting an existing group email account

To make changes to an existing group email account, such as updating ownership of a group email account, changing forward email addresses, or deleting a group email account, a group email account owner can either contact the Help Center (617-552-4357 or or email with:

  • Their name
  • The full name of the group email account (for example:
  • The question or request they have