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Information Technology Services

Quotas and Deleted Messages

faculty and staff email

Having more than 5,000 messages in a folder including your Inbox or Sent Items folder can affect performance for you and for others using Exchange.  In order to provide the best possible experience for all Exchange users, ITS is limiting the amount of data each person can store in Exchange and automatically purging deleted items. Learn what steps you can take to help us ensure a high level of performance on your BC Email account beyond the measures being implemented by ITS.


In 2013, BC will implement an email quota that applies to email, calendaring, attachments, and any other information you store in Exchange.

At the time of this change, quota sizes will be customized for each person, and determined based on current mailbox size. Faculty and staff will retain 140% of their current mailbox size. Individuals with less than 1.5GB of current storage, will have a quota of 2GB.

After this change, all new employees will have a quota of 2GB.

Automatic Purge of Deleted Email

Messages that have been in the Deleted Items folder for more than 30 days will be removed from the email system.

When you delete an email, it resides in your Deleted Items folder until you empty your folder manually. (You may configure your email application to empty deleted items upon exit.) ITS will now purge messages that have been in this folder for 30 days on a continual basis. Note that the email purge date is based on when the email was deleted, not the original email date.

restoring deleted messages

  • You can retrieve a message directly from your account's deleted items folder, unless you have performed a manual purge or the message has been in the folder for over 30 days, at which time it will be automatically purged.
  • Once the message has been purged from your deleted items folder, you have an additional 14 days from the purge date to retrieve the message from the Exchange Dumpster (accessible via Outlook or OWA).

Restore a deleted message from the Exchange Dumpster using OWA | Outlook.

Note: This only will allow you to access the Items that were purged from your “Deleted Items” folder.