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Working with Meetings on a Shared Calendar

Creating Meetings on a Shared Calendar

You create a meeting and send invitations on someone else’s calendar the same way you would on your own calendar. The only difference is that when you send the invitation, internal BC recipients will see a note that you are arranging the meeting on behalf of the calendar’s owner. Any invitations sent to outside recipients, will look as though they are coming from the calendar owner.

Replying to Meetings on a Shared Calendar

The owner of a calendar for which you are a delegate may have opted to have you receive any invitations they are sent. If this is the case, you will receive emails for any meeting to which they are invited. As with your own meetings invitations, you will have the options: Accept, Decline, or Maybe. As with your own calendar, if you or the calendar’s owner, deletes an invitation without acting on it, it will disappear from the owner’s calendar. So, neither you nor the owner will have any record of the meeting. Be careful not to delete meeting invitations sent to any shared calendars you work with without acting on them.