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Information Technology Services

Creating a Meeting Invitation

A meeting is an event to which other people are invited. You create a meeting in much the same way you create an appointment:

  1. In iCal, in Daily, Weekly, or Monthly view double-click on the day you want to create the meeting.
  2. Click Add Invitees.
  3. Type the names of invitees in the invitees field. A list of matches will appear as you type.
    figure 35
  4. To invite someone from outside BC to a meeting, type their email address in the invitees field.

    When you invite individuals who are not using iCal, or Outlook within an Exchange environment, they will only receive an email with the details of the meeting and will not see accept or decline buttons. This includes individuals at BC who are still using CampusTime or who are using an email client, such as Thunderbird, as well as external recipients.
  5. Click the Available Meeting Times… to see invitees’ availability.
    figure 36
    • Solid gray blocks indicate that the individual is not available.
    • A light transparent block with a dotted border indicates that all invitees are available.
    • A dark transparent block represent the time the meeting is scheduled for, drag it to a different time to reschedule the meeting.
    • An exclamation point after a person’s name indicates that no information is available for that individual. If there is no information for a person it is likely that the individual is still using CampusTime and has not yet been moved to Exchange. If this is the case, you will need to log into CampusTime to see their availability.
    figure 37


  6. Enter a name for your meeting.
    figure 38
  7. Enter a location for the meeting EXCEPT if you are reserving a resource, such as a conference room or shared meeting space, for the meeting (see the next section for working with resources).
    figure 39
  8. Enter the from and to dates and times.
    figure 40
  9. If desired, enter a message note field.
    figure 41
  10. Click Send.
    figure 42

To edit a meeting once it has been created, find it on your calendar and double-click it to open. Make your changes, then click Send. The invitees will receive a notification that something about the meeting has changed.

As the organizer of a meeting, to reschedule an event you can click on it and drag it to a new date and time on your calendar. When you move the meeting, you will be prompted to send an update to invitees.