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Assigning a Delegate in Outlook

To set up a Delegate in Outlook:

  1. From the Tools menu, select Options (see Figure 1).
    Figure 1.

  2. Click the Delegates tab and then click Add (see Figure 2).
    delegate tab
    Figure 2.

  3. Use the address book to locate the person you wish to add as a Delegate 
    and click Add and then OK (see Figure 3).
    delegate-address book
    Figure 3.

  4. In the Options window, select the person’s name and then click Permissions (see Figure 4).
    select name
    Figure 4.

  5. Choose the appropriate settings in the Delegate Permissions window
    (Figure 5) and click

    The levels of permission that a delegate can be granted are as follows:

    Author - An Author will be able to read, create, modify, and delete items that he/she has created on your behalf. For example, a delegate Author can create task requests and meeting requests directly in your Task or Calendar folder, and then send either item on your behalf.

    Editor - An Editior can do everything an Author can do, plus modify and delete items you have created.

    Reviewer - A Reviewer can read items; for example a delegate with Reviewer permission can read messages in another person's Inbox.

    *It is strongly recommended that you select: Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions so that your delegate(s) will be notified of the permissions you’ve granted them.

    delegate permissions
    Figure 5.

  6. To add additional delegate, repeat steps 2-5. When you are finished adding delegates, click OK in the Options window to return to Outlook.

To edit or remove a Delegate:

Follow these steps to edit or remove a Delegate that you set up in Outlook.

  1. From the Tools menu, selection Options.
  2. Click the Delegates tab and select the delegate you’d like to edit or remove. Use the Remove button to delete a delegate. Use the Permissions button to edit a delegate (see Figure 6).
    Figure 6.
  3. To edit a delegate, follow the steps outlined above for setting-up permissions (see Step 5).