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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Murray House Fellows

About the Program

As members of the Office of Graduate Student Life (OGSL) staff, Murray House Fellows play a critical role in helping to meet the needs of students across all graduate and professional programs at BC through programming, outreach, and facility managmeent. Fellows are responsible for providing qulaity programs and services designed to provide support to gradaute students and enhance their overall experience.

They Murray House Fellow's are responsible for the following programming areas:
- Health and Wellness
- Special Populations
- Spirituality
- International Students
- Graduate Students with Families

Please contact the fellows below if you have programming ideas or questions!


Tiffany Favers, Health & Wellness


Amanda Maehara, Special Populations


Kristi Haas, Spirituality


Denny Yeh, Intermational Students at BC



Ellie Sophis, Graduate Students with Families