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Apply for Outpost

instructions to apply

Applications for 2013 are currently being accepted. We will admit people on a rolling basis, so it is advantageous to apply early! Read and apply below.

The application process has three parts:

1. The On-Line Application
This is the simple step of filling out the application form which will be available Jaunray 16th.

2. The On-Line BC Account Authorization Form
Once you apply on-line, you will receive information on how to access the authorization form. Remember, Outpost is FREE!! We do, however, need to ensure that students show up for the retreat.  For this reason, we will ask that you quickly fill out an electronic authorization form that states that your BC Student Account will be charged $100 in the event you fail to cancel your registration less than 30 days prior to the retreat (February 7, 2013).  With all the planning and organizational expenses, we can’t have students fail to show up for the weekend.

3. Confirmation of Airline/Transportation Ticket Purchase

After you submit your application (step 1) and online authorization form (step 2), we will contact you to confirm your place on the retreat.  DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS UNTIL YOU GET CONFIRMATION THAT WE HAVE A SPOT FOR YOU. 

After you receive our a confirmation e-mail stating that you have been invited to attend Outpost, you can purchase your airline/train ticket (or whatever method you will use to get to Dublin).  Once you purchase your ticket, please forward an electronic copy to us.  This proof of a ticket purchase will finalize your spot and you will be officially booked on Outpost!

To review:

1. Apply – takes 5 minutes

2. Fill out Account Authorization Form – takes 30 seconds

3. Wait to hear back from us.  When you do, buy your airline/train ticket within one week and email us the receipt.

BOOM…. We will see you in Ireland!

Please note: There will be approximately 30 spots available on Outpost. While we will give preference on a first come/first served basis, to ensure diversity on the retreat, country and program location may also play a factor in obtaining a spot.  We want to avoid hosting a retreat with 75% of the participants all coming from the same abroad program. 

SO APPLY EARLY – and coordinate with your friends from different programs!


If you have ANY questions, email us at  We realize this is not the typical “meet the bus outside St. Ignatius Church” type of retreat, and you might have questions.