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Residence Halls

Recycling chart

Recycling begins the last week of August.

Recycling ends the Tuesday before study days in May.

Pick-up is scheduled for every Tuesday.

Each resident room is given a cardboard recycling box, and there are hallway toters placed in the locations listed below.

Typical recycling area.

Lower Campus

Building Location
66 Commonwealth Avenue Basement: Lounge outside of Chapel
90 T. More Drive All floors: Recycle rooms near elevator
Edmonds Hall 9th–1st floors: Lobbies next to elevator
Gabelli Hall 5th, 4th, and 3rd floors: Trash room
Gabelli Hall 2nd floor: Outside TV lounge
Greycliff Hall 1st floor: Lounge
Ignacio Hall 6th–1st floors: Lobbies
Rubenstein Hall 6th–1st floors: Lobbies
Vanderslice Hall All floors: Recycle rooms near elevator
Voute Hall 1st floor: Under center stairwell
Voute Hall 5th–2nd floors: Next to elevators
Walsh Hall 1st floor: Laundry room
Walsh Hall 6th–2nd floors: Trash room
Walsh Hall 8th, 7th floors: Next to lounge

Upper Campus

Building Location
Cheverus Hall 1st floor: Vending room by laundry room
Fenwick Hall 1st floor: Near the gate
Fitzpatrick Hall Basement: Vending room
Gonzaga Hall 1st floor: Kostka side
Kostka Hall 1st floor: Staircase next to Shaw House
Loyola Hall 1st floor: Study lounge
Medeiros Hall A, B, and C Outside: Right side, entranceways
Shaw Hall 1st floor: Kitchen
Roncalli Hall Basement: Lounge
Welch Hall Basement: Vending room
Williams Hall Basement: Vending room

Newton Campus

Building Location
Cushing Hall Basement: Laundry room
Duchesne Hall 1st floor: lounge
Hardey Hall Basement: Laundry room
Keyes Hall Basement at west side entrance door