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Help Seeking Policy

office of the dean of students

Seeking Help For Alcohol Related Medical Emergencies

The health and safety of Boston College students is of paramount concern.  As a result, all students are expected to seek appropriate assistance for themselves or others in situations where help is needed to ensure proper care of a person who is significantly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

In situations where students seek medical attention due to alcohol intoxication or drug ingestion, Boston College will support and encourage this help-seeking behavior by treating it as a health and safety matter, not as a disciplinary incident.  This practice will also be extended to anyone seeking or calling for help on behalf of another student.  Students who seek and receive medical attention will be required to complete certain educational and/or counseling initiatives which are intervention and prevention based and will also be subject to all fees related to their medical care.  Students who demonstrate consistent and repeated patterns of such behavior may require further medical review and/or treatment up to, when necessary, mandated medical leaves of absence.  Failure to complete these referrals would be treated as a disciplinary matter.

Students will be held accountable for misconduct accompanying or incidental to the use and/or abuse of alcohol or other substances.  For example, disorderly behavior, violence, property damage, or distribution or intent to distribute will be treated as disciplinary violations and will be responded to accordingly.  For medical assistance, please contact Health Services at (617) 552-3227;for an immediate response contact the BC Police at (617) 552-4444.  For a list of possible referrals and programs, please visit