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GLBTQ Resources

gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning

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Statement of Purpose

Boston College, as a Catholic and Jesuit University, has a responsibility to promote the pastoral care of all members of the university community and is committed to the intellectual, social, and spiritual development of all our students. The University seeks to foster a campus culture that welcomes diversity, embraces inclusivity, promotes dialogue, and creates a safe and supportive environment for all.

This website lists resources for Boston College students who may be questioning their sexual or gender identity, have questions arising from their sexual or gender identity, have general questions about the GLBTQ community, or just need someone to dialogue with about their personal lives and how to be their most authentic selves. While an ally is listed for each office, it by no means indicates that this particular individual is the only person in the office who can provide assistance.

The variety of these resources reflects the commitment of Boston College to providing a safe, caring, and supportive environment for the healthy development of all of our students. Connecting students with this information promotes wellness and fosters greater opportunities to learn about respect, equality, and identity while contributing to the development of a more just and authentic community.

Stacey Green,
Asst. Dean for
Student Outreach
& Support



Clubs & Organizations

Allies of Boston College
A group of GLBTQ and straight students working to foster a better community for everyone
Contact: David Riemer; Angelena Bohman

A group within the School of Theology and Ministry that recognizes the dignity of each person and seeks to enrich the STM community with openness and acceptance
Contact: Lauren Fish; Erin Broich

GLBTQ Leadership Council (GLC)
A branch of UGBC focused on GLBTQ and Allied Issues
Contact: GLC; Alex Taratuta; Martin Casiano

Graduate Pride Alliance (GPA)
A new organization, sponsored by the Graduate Student Association (GSA), for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender graduate students and allies
Contact:; Emilie Duboise

A group where gay, bisexual, or questioning men can discuss and seek support in a safe space
Contact: Kyle Smith

Lambda Law Students Association
An activist and social group that is dedicated to increasing awareness and support for the GLBTQ community at BC Law School
Contact: Adam Harmon; Alejandra Salinas

Lesbian and Gay Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Association (LGFSAA)
A group helping to create a safe and professional environment for all GLBT employees of Boston College.
College of Arts & Sciences
John McDargh, Theology • 617.552.6346
Franco Mormando, Romance Languages & Literatures • 617.552.6346

Graduate School of Social Work
Kevin Mahoney • 617.552.4020

Information Technology Services
Ann Murphy, Network Services • 617.552.8559

Carroll School of Management
Colleen Olphert, Center for Corporate Citizenship • 617.552.0724

Lynch School of Education
David Scanlon • 617.552.1949

Connell School of Nursing
Danny Willis • 617.552.4250

A group for lesbian, bisexual, and questioning women to find community and support
Contact: Rachel DiBella

Queer Peers
A student-led initiative designed to promote dialogue around issues of sexuality and gender identity
Contact:; Daniel Quick; Rosemary Onofri; Delmira Monteiro

A student group in the Graduate School of Social Work to inform the larger social work community about diversity, homophobia, heterosexism, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
Contact: David Weintraub; Jessica Obayan


Campus Resources

On-Campus Support

The following individuals are available to talk with all students and offer a safe and accepting enviroment to share information and resources.

Academic Resources
Student Life Resources

Academic Resources

College of Arts and Sciences
Freshman Class
Akua Sarr, Associate Dean
Stokes 140S • 617.552.9259

Sophomore Class
Clare Dunsford, Associate Dean
Gasson 109 • 617.552.2277

Junior Class
Michael Martin, Acting Associate Dean
Gasson 109 • 617.552.2800

Senior Class
William Petri, Associate Dean
Gasson 109 • 617.552.2800

Boston College Law School
Maris Abbene, Associate Dean
Stuart House M307 • 617.552.4348

Carroll School of Management
Richard Keeley, Assoc. Dean
Fulton Hall 360 • 617.552.4014

Connell School of Nursing
Catherine Read, Assoc. Dean
Cushing 202 • 617.552.6418

Graduate School of Social Work
Teresa Touhey Schirmer, LICSW,
Associate Dean
McGuinn 136 • 617.552.4762

Lynch School of Education
Audrey Friedman, Assistant Dean
Campion 118 • 617.552.1901

Student Life Resources

AHANA Student Programs
Ines Maturana Sendoya, Director
72 College Road • 617.552.4806

Jody Mooradian, Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director
Conte Forum 310 • 617.552.4801

Boston College Police Department (BCPD)
Nick Crossland, Officer

John Mruk, Detective

Jeff Postell, Sergeant

Emergency: 617.552.4444
Non-Emergency: 617.552.4440

Campus Ministry
Ellen Modica, Campus Minister
McElroy 226 • 617.552.4665

Career Center
Rachel Greenberg, Associate Director
Southwell Hall • 617.552.3430

Kelly Alice Robinson,
Librarian & Webmistess • Southwell Hall • 617.552.3430

For more information about GLBTQ resources from the Career Center, click here.

Connors Family Learning Center
Sue Barrett, Director
O’Neill Library 200 • 617.552.0835

Image of Gasson Hall Tower

Student Life Resources, Continued

Counseling Services
Jeanine Baillie, Staff Psychologist
Gasson 001 • 617.552.3310

Craig Burns, Senior Staff Psychologist
Gasson 001 • 617.552.3310

First Year Experience
Biz Bracher, Associate Director
Stokes 179S • 617.552.3281

Peter Folan, Assistant Director
Stokes 153S • 617.552.3281

Graduate Student Life
Darrell Peterson, Director
Murray House • 617.552.1855

Denise Ho, Assistant Director
Murray House • 617.552.1855

Office of the Dean of Students
Stacey Green, Assistant Dean
Maloney Hall, Suite 212 • 617.552.3470

Office of Health Promotion
Elise Tofias Phillips, Director
Gasson Hall 025 • 617.552.9900

Office for Institutional Diversity
Richard Jefferson, Executive Director
Brighton Campus, 129 Lake Street, Rm. 217 • 617.552.3334

Office of International Programs
Maria Segala,
Study Abroad Applications Specialist
Hovey House • 617.552.3827

Residential Life
Chris Darcy, Associate Director
Maloney Hall, Suite 222 • 617.552.4957

Student Programs Office
Gus Burkett, Director
Maloney Hall, Suite 242 • 617.552.3480

Mark Miceli, Associate Director
Maloney Hall, Suite 242 • 617.552.3480

Student Services
Louise Lonabocker, Executive Director
Lyons Hall 101 • 617.552.3318

Undergraduate Admissions
Jon Mahoney, Director
Devlin Hall 208 • 617.552.3100

University Harassment Counselor
Linda Riley,
Exec. Director, Auxiliary Services
129 Lake 340A • 617.552.4714

University Health Services
Maddy Rivera, Nurse Manager
Cushing Hall 114 • 617.552.2659

Women’s Resource Center (WRC)
Katie Dalton, Director
McElroy 141 • 617.552.6919


Off-Campus Resources

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
989 Commonwealth Avenue 
Boston, MA
24-Hour Hotline: 800.841.8371

Fenway Community Health Center
1340 Boylston Street
Boston, MA

Image of office buildings in downtown Boston

South End Community Health Center
1601 Washington Street Boston, MA