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Why can't I post my transfer?
There can be numerous reasons why a transfer will not post. Go to the Budget Lines tab and look at the Transfer Status field. There will be messages displayed during the posting process. After submitting the transfer the field may display the status Pending Budget Admin Appr, which means your transfer involves a restricted account, therefore was forwarded to the Budget Office for an approval and posting. An additional status field on the Budget Lines page is Budget Header Status. The possible values are P = transfer has been posted, E = error, N = not posted, S = security authorization error, V = valid chartstring, but amount exceeds budget, B = not balanced. To view details about the errors in the case of an Budget Header Status of E, go to the Budget Error tab/page

Why was my transfer denied?
There is a denial box on the bottom left side of the "budget lines" panel. Look under the 'denial reason' box for an explanation

There is a date and time in the Denial Date box. Does that mean the journal was denied?
No. The date and time indicated in that box represents when this journal was opened and reviewed. If the transfer was denied, there would be a denial reason recorded and the Workflow Audit will indicate the userid of the person who denied the transfer

Can my department make a budget transfer into another department's budget as a contribution to a trip?
The transfer can only be processed with the donating VP's knowledge, whether giving money to someone inside or outside the division. This is to ensure the VP is aware of all contributions. If the transfer is not being originated by the VP's office directly, an email should be forwarded to the Budget Office as proof of the VP's approval

I need to transfer money into the ITS Network Services department to purchase phones. Is this processed as a transfer through the Budget Office?
No. This should be processed as a journal through the Accounting Department. Your request should be sent to

I need to pay a telephone bill and I used to have account 68800 to pay these bills from. What happened to that account?
We have centralized the telephone budgets (account 68800) and actuals (68801-68805). All operating fund departmental budgets for telephone equipment and usage have become part of a university-level telephone budget where costs are being centrally charged. You should, therefore, forward your telephone bills to Anne Miller at ITS Network Services

Can I transfer money into another BC department revenue line?
No. Transfers can only take place between two expense lines. Revenue cannot be recognized as coming from another internal BC department

How do I move monies from my revenue line into my operating expense line?
You will need to fill out the budget change request form and send it via email to Jennifer Parsons or fax at 2-4848

My department is splitting the cost of expenses associated with the purchase of a new copier with another department. How do I process this expense?
This may be handled two ways. One department can pay the total amount and get reimbursed from the other department via a GL journal after the invoice is paid or someone with authorized access to both budget chartstrings can enter the data in Procurement using two distribution lines

My department is co-sponsoring an event with another department. How do I process this?
This is processed as a GL journal through the Controllers Office Accounting Department. Send your request to with the chartstrings written out. Please ensure that you use the child level account number when making this request

I did an ACR query and it indicated that I had enough funding in an account. Why did I fail budget check?
An ACR query is updated every 2 hours. It may not have the most current balance available if an expense or transfer occurred before the query was updated. The best query to look at is the budget details inquiry found under Commitment Control > Review Budget Activities > Budget Inquiry > Budget Details, since this is live data. Also, you may want to double check that the chartstring you typed is accurate

What are chartfields?
Chartfield values make up a chartstring and uniquely combine to identify budget and actual transactions. Operating chartfields are Budget Period, Department, Fund Code, Fund Source, Program, Function, Property, and Account. If a chartfield does not have a specific value, then zeros are used to for the purpose of processing transactions

What are the account codes?
Account code is a PeopleSoft chartfield that tracks asset, liability, net asset, revenue, expense classifications

What is meant by parent and child budgets?
Some accounts are used to fund expenses or revenues for multiple accounts below them; the term used to describe this type of relationship is parent-child. The purpose of the parent-child relationship is to minimize the number of budget transfers required. A parent account is where the budget is recorded, and its child accounts are where the expense or revenue actuals are recorded. If there is a ^ on an account description, it means the account is at the parent level and its budget supports multiple accounts. Budgets are established and adjusted at the parent. Expenses charged and revenues received are recorded at one of the child accounts. The balance available at the parent level will be reduced by the amount of all expenses at the child level

For example, the budget of account 64001 General^ may be spent by charging expenses to about 24 other accounts. An expense charged to the Account 68150, Meetings and Meals, will affect the budget of Account 64001 General^.

For more information about budget accounts, refer to the Operating Budget Translation Tree available from the Chart of Accounts link on the Financials website

What is a sequence number and how do I look it up?
The sequence number is the last four digits (one alpha and three numeric characters) displayed in the HR Account Code. An HR Account Code summarizes financials chartstring data into the 25-digits that are used in HR for accounting of salary transactions. An Account Code lookup page exists in PeopleSoft HR to permit a translation between HR and Financials and all active BC employees have access to it

How can I tell how much an employee got paid?
Go to the PeopleSoft query and search for BC_HR_SALARY_DRILL_CHECK_DATE. This query will show you all checks within a date range for all employees in a specific chartstring and salary category

How can I tell how much an employee is encumbered for?
You can look for this information in a couple of places. Sign onto Agora/PeopleSoft Human Resources Services and you can look in BC Custom> BC Custom> Inquire> Posn Budget/Acts by Account Code or Encumbrance Inquiry

Who is my Capital Approver?

  • ATH Eric Ziady
  • AVP Pat Deleeuw
  • AVP Susan Hynes
  • CVP Sharon Wagner
  • EVP Judy Kissane
  • FVP Kathy Croft
  • HVP Jan Lent
  • MVP Ray Rivera
  • OVP Kathy Croft
  • PRS Ray Rivera
  • RVP Nancy Corrin
  • SVP James Kreinbring
  • TVP Mary Corcoran
  • UVP Peggy Lee

Who are the budget contacts for other ledgers?

How do I change the department name?
Changes to a department name must be authorized by the cognizant Vice President and the General Counsel of the University. Once the name change is authorized, the Primary User (P1) for the department sends the approval to the Budget Office. The Budget Office enters the name change in the PeopleSoft Financials system, and other information systems which reference department names from the PeopleSoft Financials system will have access to the changed name

How do I set up programs?
A program may be set up by a department using department-defined program values, or the program may be formally named if it is expected to continue over multiple years and requires accounting of revenues. To set up a department-defined program, please see the next FAQ. To request a formally named program, contact the Budget Office at 617-552-3383

What are department defined programs and how do I use them?
To set up a budget for a department-defined program, create a budget transfer and submit it to the Budget Office for approval. Enter the chartstring you want to use to fund the new budget. Then enter a second line with all the same chartfields but replace the account code if necessary for the program and replace the program code with one of the department defined values. You can use any value between 18501 and 18520 to identify your program

To view all of the values available for department-defined programs, select the Program link on the PeopleSoft Financials Chart of Accounts webpage

What accounts require additional approval when processing a transfer?
Please refer to the Transfer Scenarios matrix in the document, Budget Transfer Workflow and Instructions

What is the difference between budget transfer and GL journal entry?
A budget transfer is a mechanism for moving unspent budget amounts within or between department budgets. An expense transfer is a mechanism to move charges which have occurred against the wrong budget. An expense transfer is not used to move budget amounts; it is meant only to realign charges which have already occurred

What is a Vista report?
Vista is a software program used to access online versions of the ACR Accounted and Budgeted Comparison Report and the TDR Transaction Detail Report. The ACR and TDR are produced monthly. For instructions about how to access the reports using Vista please refer to the document, How to Use Vista

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