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Catering and Bureau of Conferences

Reserve Your Space

catering and bureau of conferences

Please read through our room setup policies, before you begin the online space request process.

Requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We will try to honor requests for a specific facility, but reserve the right to move your event to another location if necessary.

The online room reservation system includes the following steps:

Step 1: Create a user profile 

Log in through the BC portal, and you will be asked to create a profile. This form takes less than a minute to complete and only needs to be completed once.

Step 2: Search available venues

Select a one-time or recurring event. Recurring events must occur multiple times on the same day of the week, at the same time, and in the same location (option only available to staff).

The search screens will find all available rooms for the date/time you request based on expected attendance and type of event. The space you select will be approved if your event meets the criteria for the space that you have requested.

Please note that various lead times are automatically built into the space booking start times.  Here are a list of general lead time guidelines:

Main Campus Classrooms and Auditoriums – 15 minutes
Law Classrooms – 10 minutes
O’Connell House and
Stuart House Faculty Lounge M-414 – 1 hour
Law East Wing 115 – 1.5 hours
Conference Rooms – 2 hours
Most Dining Spaces – 2 hours
Gasson 100 and Murray Function Room – 3 hours
Lyons Dining Hall – 4 hours

Step 3: Complete Your Event Request
You will be asked for an event title and a brief description. The final page asks for your chart string, type of event, and anticipated services. These fields are required. Any requests submitted without a chart string will be automatically denied.

Step 4: Approval Process

You will receive two emails from our system. The first is an automated confirmation that your request has been received. Your request will then be reviewed by the space owner at which time you will be sent either a confirmation or a denial of your space request.

Students will have their requests reviewed a second time by the Student Programs Office or an advising dean within 2-3 business days of submitting a request.

 Begin the online space request process now.

Non-BOC Locations

The following locations are
not reserved by the Bureau
of Conferences. You are
responsible for contacting
the appropriate office and
making your own

To allow time for event
setup in non-BOC facilities,
please reserve the space
for at least two hours prior
to the start of your event.