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Catering and Bureau of Conferences

Beverage Menu

catering and bureau of conferences


If you are planning an event with alcohol, please review the Boston College policy regarding use of alcohol. Bar service that requires a liquor license, needs eight weeks notice. All bars must be provided by Dining Services. All alcohol service must be accompanied by food and soft drinks. A police detail is required at all eventsthat serve alcohol and are attended by 50 or more people. All beverages are served in plastic ware. Glassware is available at an additional charge of $2.50 per person.

Charged by 1/10th; all bottles are liters unless otherwise indicated

  • Vodka: Absolut $60.50   
  • Scotch: Dewars $55.00, Chivas Regal $72.50, Johnnie Walker Red $72.50  
  • Gin: Tanqueray $55.00
  • Whiskey: Canadian Club $60.50, Jameson $72.50
  • Bourbon: Jack Daniels $55.00, Wild Turkey $60.50, Maker's Mark $66.00
  • Rum: Captain Morgan's $60.50
  • Vermouth: Sweet & Dry $15.50


Tier One:

  • Josh Cellars, Chardonnay $16.00/btl
  • Domaine Fournier, Sauvignon Blanc $17.50/btl
  • Angeline, Pinot Noir $18.00/btl
  • Cycles Gladiator, Cabernet Sauvignon $14.00/btl
  • Charles Smith, Prosecco $24.00/btl

Tier Two:

  • Macrostie, Chardonnay $33.00/btl
  • Groth, Sauvignon Blanc $32.00/btl
  • Forefront, Pinot Noir $33.00/btl
  • Forefront, Cabernet Sauvignon $33.00/btl


  • Domestic Bottle $4.50
  • Imported Bottle $5.00


  • Soda, 1 liter $3.00
  • Juice, 1 liter $5.50
  • Mixers, 1 liter $3.95
  • Champagne Toast $6.00/person


All full service bars require a bartender.

Beer and wine only bars for twenty-five persons or more require a bartender. Each bartender costs $26.00 per hour for a four-hour minimum. This minimum includes one hour for setup and one hour for breakdown. Gratuities are neither charged nor expected by the bartender. Bartender charges are waived for alcoholic beverage sales of $500.00 or more per bartender scheduled.

with appropriate license; minimum sales required

  • House Brands Single Liquor $6.50
  • Call Brands Single Liquor $8.00
  • Cordial $7.00
  • Glass Wine $6.00
  • Domestic Beer, Bud and Bud Light $4.50
  • Imported and Specialty Beer $5.00
  • Soda $2.50
  • Juice $2.50


All cash bars require a liquor license as do any non Boston College designated events. Police details are required for all bars for functions great than 50 people. The requesting department must pay all licensing fees and police detail costs as required. All prices are subject to the 7% Massachusetts Meal Tax where applicable. License fees are non-refundable

Boston Licenses

  • Beer and Wine $75.00/event
  • All Alcohol $150.00/event

Newton Licenses

8 weeks notice required for Newton licenses

  • Beer and Wine $150.00/event
  • All Alcohol $200.00/event