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Catering and Bureau of Conferences

Policies and Procedures

catering and bureau of conferences

Effective as of January 2013:


Your three and five day catering selections are carefully prepared to fit in with short notice. Everything needed for your on-site setup and serving is included. You may wish to check Eagle Express for additional options.

Three and five day catering does not include labor for clean up of the room, only the pickup of equipment. It is your responsibility to clean up the room. Any food left at the time of pickup will be disposed of by Catering Services.

3 Business Days Notice Requested - 10 person minimum

  • Snacks and pastries
  • Cold breakfast selections
  • Cheese, crackers, fruit, and crudités

5 Business Days Notice Requested - 10 person minimum

  • Cold hors d'oeuvres
  • Cold luncheon selections
  • Refreshments
  • Desserts

In order for us to serve you best and to get the correct items purchased, the  options below need to be ordered a minimum of 12 days prior to any event. For initial planning purposes we will need an estimated guest count, however we understand that it is hard to know what your final guest count will be so far from the event, and as such will allow you to adjust guest number up to 3 days prior to the event (the day of the event is not counted as an active business day for this planning), when we will request a guaranteed number of guests. Please contact our sales office at 552-0311 for special pricing of groups under the minimum number.

12 Business Days Notice Requested - 25 person minimum

  • Stationary and active selections
  • Hot hors d'oeuvres
  • Waited Breakfast Selections
  • Barbecues
  • Hot Buffets
  • Waited Meals
  • Alcoholic Beverage Service
    Please see "Secure a Liquor License" on the room reservation page for specifics regarding permitting and timelines.

Full service catering is always available, but also requires 12 days of notice. Full service catering can include:

  • Linen table clothes
  • China, glassware, and flatware
  • Bars (using plastic cups unless otherwise specified)
  • Wait staff (and bartenders if needed) as an integral part of these full service meals
  • Please see your coordinator for pricing


In order for us to prepare and order properly, we request that a guaranteed figure of the exact number of guests to be served is submitted to us three business days before the event. Please note that the actual day of the event is not counted as an active business day for this planning. This will be the number you are billed for unless the event goes over the count.

Late Fees

A surcharge of 25% may be added to orders received after the notice requested deadline for each level of service, or for final counts submitted later than the three business day deadline. We will do our best to accommodate last minute increases wherever possible. 


If you must cancel or postpone your event, please inform the Bureau of Conferences as soon as possible. If this is after the guaranteed numbers given 3 business days before, you will be billed for any expenses already incurred by Catering Services (a minimum of 25% of total bill).


Bureau of Conferences hours of operation are as follows: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To reach someone after hours, please call Support Services at 617.552.3505 or 617.552.1227.


We may not be available for service during official Boston College holidays and closedown dates. Please check with your Event Coordinator to find out about availability.


To make your event run more smoothly, food deliveries are planned to arrive one-half hour ahead of the requested time to allow for set up. Please plan on having someone there to oversee this if it is a drop function (that is when no wait staff are requested). Charges for lost equipment will be billed to the sponsoring department. For events requiring no waitstaff, Catering will attempt to use disposables whenever possible. Catering will pick up the equipment and any items left on the buffets, but is not responsible for the cleaning of the room.


We are happy to provide wait staff for any events. If wait staff is not already part of the package they will be billed separately from the food. Gratuities are neither charged, nor expected by the wait staff.

For those events that include wait staff, additional charges may be incurred on events that run over the allotted time. For example, buffets and BBQ's are priced based on 1-1/2 hours for the event.


To upgrade any event for use of china instead of scroll ware, please speak with your event coordinator.  The cost of this is an additional $4.95 a person.

Room Charges

Those rooms that are directly assigned to BC Dining have room fees associated with them. The room fee is waived if a minimum order of food is placed for the event.

  • Boston or Newton Room individually
    Fee $50.00; waived at $100.00 of food ordered
  • Heights Room by itself
    Fee $125.00; waived at $250.00 of food ordered
  • Boston/Newton/Heights Rooms
    Fee $195.00; waived at $250.00 of food ordered
  • Stuart Snack Room
    Fee $150.00; waived at $250.00 of food ordered
  • Faculty Dining Room
    Fee $150.00; waived at $250.00 of food ordered
  • 129 Lake Street Dining Room
    Fee $150.00; waived at $250.00 of food ordered
  • Walsh Function Room
    Fee $125.00; waived at $250.00 of food ordered
  • McElroy Main Dining Room
    Fee $395.00; waived at $500.00 of food ordered
  • The Eagle's Nest
    Fee $395.00; waived at $500.00 of food ordered
  • Lyons (Welch) Dining Room
    Fee $395.00; waived at $500.00 of food ordered


All students are required to first meet with the appropriate dean in the Student Programs Office (SPO) to get the appropriate approvals. The Bureau of Conferences cannot assist any student who contacts them directly. Any student or student group wishing to plan an event should contact SPO at extension 3280 for an appointment or visit the SPO website.


All internal Boston College events will be paid by a University chart string (account code 67500). Payment will be automatically deducted from your account by the Boston College Accounting Department. This chart string needs to be provided at the time of the original order or room request.

If you have questions about payment, please call the B.O.C. office directly at 617-552-0311.


Special requests on any menu will gladly be accommodated; however, price adjustments may be necessary.

All prices are subject to the 7% Massachusetts Meals Tax (6.25% state tax and .75% local tax) where applicable. Both tax exempt forms ST-2 (Certificate of Exemption) and ST-5 (Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate) must be filed prior to the event. If we do not receive both forms from you Massachusetts meals tax will be applied to your orders. 


The Bureau of Conferences is a University department charged with supporting students, faculty, and staff in the coordination of on-campus events. The coordination of non-University events will incur a 20% event administration fee. In addition, 50% of the overall quote is due 14 business days before the event upon presentation of the event estimate. The remainder and any additional charges will be invoiced after the event and is due upon receipt. Both tax exempt forms ST-2 (Certificate of Exemption) and ST-5 (Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate) must be filed prior to the event. If we do not receive both forms from you, Massachusetts meals tax will be applied to your orders. 


Due to health regulations, leftover food may not be taken from catered events. 


If you are planning an event with alcohol, please review the Boston College policy on alcohol use.


Certain events require you to furnish us with a certificate of insurance prior to your event.  Should this be the case, you will be alerted to this fact by your conference coordinator.