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Catering and Bureau of Conferences

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

catering and bureau of conferences

Does Eagle Express take credit cards?

  • Eagle Express can be paid by conference card, Visa, or MasterCard
  • Department P-cards should not be used for these orders

Can I bring my own food to my reserved room?

  • Yes, you can bring your own food to most spaces. There are a few rooms that fall under the health permits assigned to BC Dining, where outside food is not permitted. These are: Boston/Newton/Heights Rooms, Stuart Snack Room, Faculty Dining Room, Walsh Function Room, and Lyons (Welch) Dining Room.

What are the room charges?

  • For room rentals, please contact the BOC.

What is the late fee and how do I avoid it?

  • The late fee is incurred based on specific needs for ordering and staffing. We have tried to make the timing flexible based on the level of complication of events. More time is needed for more complicated events, to ensure staffing is available and food is ordered. See the Policies and Procedures page for detailed specifics.

Who can use BC Catering?

  • BC Catering provides services to the entire Boston College Community. Groups using our services cover all aspects of campus: faculty and staff, individual departments, alumni groups, student organizations, parents of students, and other friends of the University.

What types of events do you cater?

  • Meetings: University committees, project team meetings, dean's meetings, administrative planning meetings, academic department meetings, advisory group meetings, alumni meetings, and guest speakers
  • Major academic and campus events: First-Year Experience, Parents Weekend, and Baccalaureate reception
  • Professional recognition: farewell, retirement, promotion, and department achievement
  • Awards banquets: athletic teams, senior awards, alumni awards, and distinguished service (employee recognition)
  • Holiday parties and other social events: Anything from small office parties to gala department celebrations
  • We provide catering services for a wide variety of events, from small to large, casual to elegant, and business to pleasure. For example, we cater:

Why should I use BC Catering?

  • Hundreds of mouth-watering menu items
  • Delicious and healthy food
  • Service options to meet your needs
  • Easy ordering and payment
  • No one knows Boston College better than we do!
  • Your campus partner

What do you offer people with special dietary needs?

  • BC Catering is committed to meeting the needs of guests who have special dietary restrictions. With at least 48 hours advanced notice, our chefs are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions with an appetizing and healthful alternative to the main entrĂ©e.
  • Please consult with our event coordinator when booking your event.

How do you help people who have common food allergies?

  • BC Catering recognizes that you and your guests might also want to know about potential allergens that are included in our menu items. Please notify your event coordinator if anyone in your party has an allergy to any items.
  • The eight most common allergens are: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Payment is convenient; simply use an approved departmental chart string. With BC Catering, you don't have to worry about petty cash or business expense reimbursement. Outside clients may pay by way of credit card, personal check, or company check made payable to Trustees of Boston College.