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Community Resource Officer (CRO) Program

Solving Problems Through Community Partnerships


History and Purpose

In 2006, the Boston College Police Department in partnership with The Office of Residential Life recognized the need and importance of building and fostering a positive relationship amongst BC Police Officers and the student population residing on campus. From that, the “Adopt-a-Cop” program was created, and has been very instrumental since its creation in building and strengthening relationships within our community.

In the fall of 2013 the Adopt-a-Cop Program reached another milestone and was renamed the Community Resource Officer (CRO) Program, which brings more focus on the concept of community, and resource our officers serve to each member of the BC Community.

The purpose of the Community Resource Officer (CRO) Program is to ensure that members of the Boston College Police Department have an opportunity to reach out to and work with staff and residents of this community. The emphasis of the program shall be to enhance the knowledge, communication and overall safety of all within the community.

In turn, this should influence the professionalism, effectiveness, and efficiency of the Boston College Police Department, thereby fostering a positive image of the department and creating a more safe and secure working and living environment, by solving problems through community partnerships.

BC Police recognizes the importance of not limiting its parternship with residential students only, but also overlapping those partnerships into other aspects of student life, and faculty and staff. Therefore CRO's assigned to specific Residence Halls, Academic and Office Buildings, and to Community Groups and Organziations.

Beyond the relationships our CRO's are forming, they also can provide a range of Crime Prevention Education programs to their assigned area(s) based upon set "Monthly Themes".


Academic/Adminstrative Areas

BC Libraries Officer Debra Coughlin Contact Me
BC Libraries Sgt. Joe Desmond Contact Me
BC Rec Plex Officer Brian Eng Contact Me
Murray House Officer John Ellis Contact Me
  Yawkey Center/Conte Forum Lt. Thomas King Contact Me 
129 Lake Street Capt. James Hussey Contact Me 
Saint Clement's Hall Capt. Peter Keating Contact Me 
BC Dining Services Sgt. John Derick Contact Me 
Maloney Hall Officer Mark Alves Contact Me 


Residential Areas

 Duchesne East/West Officer Bobby Connor Contact Me
Cushing/Hardy Officer Timothy O'Meara Contact Me
Keyes North/South Officer David LoConte Contact Me
CKM Officer Katrina Thompson Contact Me
CLXF Officer Garrett Redfern Contact Me
FitzShaGa Officer Alex Kam Contact Me
College Road Officer Dina Smith Contact Me
 The Avenue Lt. Chris Santiago Contact Me
Walsh/Greycliff Sgt. Anthony Cadagon Contact Me
Vandy/90 STM  Sgt. Carl Mascioli Contact Me
Hillsides Officer Joey Marano Contact Me
MODS/Stayer Hall Officer Bob Gagne Contact Me
Edmonds Hall Lt. Jeffrey Postell Contact Me


Community Organizations

UGBC Lt. Jeffrey Postell Contact Me
AC-Asian Caucus Officer Howard Lau Contact Me
AC-Asian Caucus Officer Brian Eng Contact Me
GSA Officer John Ellis Contact Me
Athletics Lt. Thomas King Contact Me
LGBTQ Detective John Mruk Contact Me
LGBTQ Officer Nick Crossland Contact Me
WRC Lt. Laurene Spiess Contact Me
WRC Officer Katrina Thompson Contact Me
Special Olympics-BC Officer Kevin Christopher Contact Me

UGBCUndergraduate Government of Boston College

AC-       Asian Caucus

GSA-     Graduate Student Association

LGBTQ-  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning

WRC-    Womens Resource Center