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Dialogues on Race

Office of AHANA Student Programs


Open the DOR: Dialogues On Race (Open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors).

DOR is coordinated through the Office of AHANA Student Programs, and is a collaboration with the Office for Institutional Diversity, Residential Life, and FACES. 

How it works:

  • Students meet for 6 consecutive weeks, 2 hours each week on the same night, in a private residential lounge.
  • Using articles, films, video, and their own experiences, participants discuss and reflect on issues related to race.
  • Session themes include: race at BC, their identity and how it shapes them, institutional racism, race in the media, and more.
  • All sessions are facilitated by trained student facilitators.

What students are saying: 

“I’ve learned that it’s very important to share your experiences in order to connect with others and work to ease racial tensions.”

“My favorite aspect of this program was that I could discuss topics about race outside of a classroom environment with people who were as equally interested as I was.”

“What I really loved about DOR was talking to people from different racial backgrounds than me and just learning about their experience at BC. It is so refreshing to learn about other people’s lives and to examine firsthand what life in BC (or America!) is like for those who aren’t in the racial majority”

“It is important to learn about different experiences because it forces people to be more analytical and critical of the systems of power that may not always be directly present in their lives. Also, just knowing about other cultures in general makes for a more well-rounded and educated person who can try then to understand a variety of perspectives.”

DOR Schedule: Spring 2013

Session dates and times are: TBD

Contact us:

Staff Program Coordinator: Josh Manlove,

2013-14 Student Co-coordinators: Wilder Chavez and Nicole Snow