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Community Building Initiatives and Events

Office of AHANA Student Programs

Program Description

The goal of CBI it to build community across areas of difference and commonality within the undergraduate student population

Learning outcomes:

By participating in CBI, students will be able to:

1.      Articulate a personal definition of community (or building community)

2.      Make connections with at least five peers who are different than them

3.      Articulate three similarities between themselves and someone who is perceived to         be different than them


Community Building Overview and Activities

This past academic year we have had several programs Sunday Linners, Thea Bowman Legacy Week, The Bowman Art Collaborative, and The Annual BLOCK Party. It has been determined that an advisory aboard needs to be created to work with the Community Building Outreach coordinator to plan and implement programs that the students will enjoy participating in.

Annual Block Party-This annual awareness event is to provide students with the opportunity to challenge their comfort zones by defining at the event what it means to build community, unity, and diversity. Students are asked to write what those words mean tothem and to express how it is seen on campus. Students will engage with one another via physical activities such as: red rover, wheel barrel race, three legged race, etc.

Bowman Art Collaborative- This year students will be allowed through an RFP process to highlight artistic pieces that bring people together by expressing the identities that are important to them and allow the student body to come together through artistic expression

Sister Thea Bowman Legacy-Sunday Brunch, Sunday, March 23rd from 11 am to 1pm in Walsh Function Function Room. This Sunday Brunch will highlight the work of Sister Thea Bowman

Sunday “Linners”-These events are tri monthly and will be an awareness discussion where students are challenged to build community across areas of differences. This year’s Sunday “Linner” theme is Bring your Opposite. Students will be challenged during the Sunday “Linners” to bring a student who they can identify as an opposite of them. Opposite includes and is not limited to: ability, hair/eye/skin color, religion, extracurricular activities, major, music interests, SES, religion, etc

For more information please contact Mrs. Rosaleah Brown Gresham at

Past Events