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alcohol and drug education program

BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) has, as its primary goal, moving a student in the direction of reducing risky behaviors and harmful effects from drinking, as opposed to focusing explicitly on a specific drinking goal such as abstinence or reductions in drinking. BASICS is conducted over the course of three 1-hour interview sessions. In the first interview, the facilitator assesses the student's consumption pattern. During the second interview, the facilitator provides personalized feedback based on the assessment, including specific suggestions about ways to reduce future health risks associated with alcohol use. The third and final interview is a follow-up conversation about progress made towards the student's goals.

BASICS Registration Form

IMPORTANT: Please be certain of your referral before proceeding. This registration form is to be used for BASICS only (please go to the CHOICES Registration Form if you are required to complete the CHOICES program). To register for BASICS, please complete the form below. Within approximately one week, you will be contacted with your scheduled appointment date and time. This is determined based on the information you provide, so please have your schedule available when filling out the form.

PLEASE NOTE: A $50 administrative fee will be charged to your account for all programs that are a result of a disciplinary or court sanction.  If this is a self-referral, there is no fee. For questions about the BASICS program, please contact us at

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