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BC EMERGENCY - Campus Preparedness & Emergency Information

September is National Preparedness Month

Are You Prepared?


This month take steps to prepare yourself, friends, community, and family for emergencies and disasters.  It’s easy!

In recognition of NPM, Boston College will be hosting various activities throughout the month.  Stop by and see us!

  • Sept 6th - Student Involvement Fair - Middle Campus - 9am-2pm
  • September 10th - Taste of Off Campus - Brighton Campus - 5pm-7pm
  • September 10th - Volunteer Fair - Lyons Dining Hall - 7pm-9pm
  • September 25th - Healthapalooza - O'Neill Plaza - 11am-2pm
  • Test of the BC Emergency Notification System
  • Recruiting for the Campus Community Emergency Response Team (CCERT) - classes to be run during the month of October

For More Information About Preparedness