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Faculty Mentors

The Faculty Mentor Program matches incoming Scholars with faculty mentors based on the Scholars' areas of interest and the mentors' areas of expertise. We encourage mentors and Scholars to meet at least once a month during the academic year for a meal, conversation, academic lecture or program. Through this program we hope to encourage Scholars to forge similar connections with faculty they meet over the years at BC.

"I LOVE this program. I've enjoyed meeting with my mentor…[she] has been supportive academically and personally. I certainly would like to continue with her. I don't know of any way my particular experience could be any better…Thanks!"
   Natalia Bauer '08

"I have absolutely loved working with [my mentee] over the past year and hope that he will want to continue with as his mentor...I think that the structure/guidelines/etc. that you have in place are great."
   Prof. Susan Michalczyk

"I think the [mentor] program is a great idea and has helped me a great deal this past year.  My faculty mentor has been a great match for me and I would definitely like to continue with him next year.  He has helped me with many things over the year, most notably course selection.  I will be working with him [in his lab] for the remainder of the summer."
Tim Kelly '09


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