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Senior Class Gift Honor Roll

One by one, gift by gift, Senior by Senior, that’s the ONLY way we’ll meet this challenge. Below are the names of those who have already done their part, in the order in which they gave. Won’t you be the next to add your name to the list?

1     Marissa Macri Sangimino
2     Daniel Patrick Ahern
3     Brenden Lawrence Rossin
4     Jose Miguel Magraner
5     Kristy Marie Barnes
6     Mikaela Elizabeth Rix
7     Tyler John Bean
8     Alexandra Nicole Moscovitz
9     Gregory Joseph Kane
10    Cusaj Dalkeith Thomas
11    Jemima Victor
12    Austin Henry Burns
13    Brianna June Albanese
14    Lindsey Hulme Sweitzer
15    Lia Rose Gentile
16    Christopher James Chersi
17    Welbis Ortiz
18    Moriah Kristen Bauman
19    Ellery Price Spencer
20    Peter Stuart Trainor
21    Caitlin Nicole Ng
22    Megan Amelia Vigliarolo
23    Lonnie Jackson
24    William Wood Bailey
25    Olivia Paige Beinlich
26    Denise Gonzalez
27    Theresa Michelle Lacolla
28    Alexandra Francesca Paz
29    Caroline Marguerite Stride
30    Ryan Scott Greenwell
31    Jessica Leigh Loiacono
32    Conor M. Gray
33    Nicholas Richard Solazzo

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