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Senior Class Gift

'14. Forever.

See who’s raised their hands to support the 2014 Senior Gift Challenge.

Welcome Class of 2014

The Class of 2014 has been challenged: Set a new record and make the biggest impact of any BC class—ever.

The Goal:

Score an extra $25,000 for our Senior Class Gift.

The Challenge:

Get a record-breaking 1,545 seniors to make a gift—and we earn $25,000 for our Class of 2014 Legacy Grants. BC Trustee Drake Behrakis ’86 will give us $5,000 for every 310 donors until our goal is achieved!

Our grants will then help future Eagles fund new initiatives and do great things—ensuring ’14 lives forever at the Heights.

The Strategy:

Every gift counts. It’s not about how much we give—our participation is all that matters. Check out the Class of 2014 Senior Gift Honor Roll, and add your name to our list today.



Why Do We Matter at a Big School Like BC?

Our Senior Class Gift is one of those traditions that makes BC so special. Every year, members of the graduating class make donations of all sizes to the University.

Many of us don't realize that tuition doesn't cover all of the BC experience. Don't worry, our money is being put to good use.

If you look at the big picture, you'd find that a lot of the stuff that makes BC great—the stellar academics, the student resources, the top-ranked athletics, and the service trips—is only possible through the support of our alumni donors.

Now is our first chance to join them for BC.

How Can Seniors Make a Gift?

Why Give to Our Senior Class Gift?

There are a ton of reasons to give:

1. To honor what we love about BC. Now is our chance to pay tribute to that professor, that class, that student activity that changed our lives forever.

2. To commemorate four incredible years. We can celebrate our BC journeys from Freshman Convocation to today in the spirit of “men and women for others.”

4. To keep BC a top school. Our gifts positively impact national rankings and increase the value of our degrees.

5. To lead the way for future Eagles. We can help ensure that their experiences at the Heights will be just as great as ours.

Whatever the reason, giving to our Senior Class Gift is the perfect way to leave our mark at the University—and a wonderful way to begin our new, important role as BC alumni.

So don't wait. Make your gift today.

Join Us:

For more information on how you can help, please contact Senior Class Gift co-chairs Natalie, Joe, Connor, and Chrissy at

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