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Alumni Connections

September 2014

Alumni Stadium Comes Alive

Superfans rejoice: Football is back! Read more

The Parents Are Coming! The Parents Are Coming!

Hundreds of parents will visit their Eagles’ new nest this month. Read more

BC’s World Wide Webinars Continue

BC brings the experts to you with its popular webinar series. Read more

‘Seed’ Grants Will Help BC Research Flourish

New grant programs will drive interdisciplinary research at the Heights. Read more

These Kids Today

Ron Nief ’65 tells us what the Class of 2018 knows—and doesn’t—in the Mindset List. Read more

News for Eagles in the UK

New charitable tax benefits are made available for UK residents. Read more

Soaring Eagles

Chuck Hogan ’89

Chuck Hogan ’89 is cocreator of TV’s The StrainRead more

Anissa Lane WCAS’14

Anissa Lane WCAS’14 receives the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Read more

From New York City to Sweden, Laughing All the Way

Greg Poehler ’96 debuts Welcome to Sweden on NBC. Read more

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