Boston College Women's Club Rugby



The Boston College Women’s Rugby Club has offered a wide range of opportunities to anywhere between 20 and 55 women from every class that has been accepted into Boston College since 1980. Over the past few years, we have had many successes which include moving the team up from Division 1 to Division 2 and winning back to back plate titles, which have allowed us to move forward on a national level at the Collegiate National 7’s tournament in Texas. We are excited that now, more than ever, we can offer the members of our team a competitive yet welcoming and cooperative atmosphere in which the athleticism, enthusiasm, and dedication to each other, to our club, and to our school can be exhibited at its best.

    With the help of our coach Ken Daly, assistant coach Cristin Frederick, and newest assistant coach Allison Holcombe, we are confident in the steady progress that will continue to be made by the BCWRFC. This sport is so unique in the lessons that it can offer as well as the passion that it requires, and is part of why we can hold our heads up so high when we step out on to the field to represent Boston College. There is so much that this club, sport, and team has to offer that we can only hope to share that with as many people as possible.

Rugby is a game played around the world (more then 100 countries) by men and women.

The basic game consists of 15 players, 8 forwards and 7 backs. The forwards participate in the only two set plays of the game, the scrum and the lineout. They are generally bigger and slower, but stronger than the backs. It is the duty of the forwards to move the ball up the field by driving into the opposing team and creating open spaces on the field for the backs. The backs move the ball forward by running or kicking the ball. They are generally faster and more spry than the forwards.

But most importantly, rugby is a team sport. Everyone works together to score a try, no matter what their position on the field.  The friendships we form together are stronger than any other : we sweat together, we bleed together, we win together.

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While we cannot actively recruit high school players, if you are interested in playing or you would like more information about rugby or BCWRFC, please feel free to contact Isabel Guillen at