Prayer Vigil for the Middle East
Praying for Peace
Small Group Prayer
The Light of the Candles
A Moment of Silence
Night of Praise & Worship
Rockin’ Out in the Chocolate Bar
Santa/Baby Jesus at the Christmas Unity Dinner
Happy Family
This Baby Does Not Share My Happiness
Part of the UIC Team
Joint ACF & IV Winter Retreat
IV on Winter Retreat
Jesus Week ‘07 Coffeehouse
Some Jesus Week A-Cappella
Against The Current
Alvin Ticklin’ the Ivories
Blessed Be Your Name
Night of Praise Coffeehouse Style
InterVarsity Worship Team during Jesus Week ‘ ‘07
Good Times in the Chocolate Bar
Clappin’ It Up For Christ
If You Missed Wonho Sing I Feel Sorry For You
Phil Bustin’ Out Some Guitar
“Smile” by Moses
Excited About Feet Washing
Stations of the Cross Time
Crazy Praze in the Eagle’s Nest
Crazy Praze!
Rappin’ for Christ