Sub Turri, the official undergraduate yearbook of Boston College, is a full color spring publication. Meaning "Under the Tower" in Latin, Sub Turri has been distributed at BC since 1913. Sub Turri is a student-run organization that works with the Jostens, Inc. publishing company.



How do I order this year's book?
You can order your copy of the 2018 yearbook HERE, through our publishing company Jostens.

How do I order a previous year's yearbook?
We have a limited number of yearbooks available from past years. If you're interested in ordering one, send an e-mail to subturribusiness@gmail.com with the year you're looking for. We'll let you know if we have any available and how to proceed with the order.

When will I receive my book?
All online orders will be shipped in mid-April to the permanent address indicated on your order form.
NOTE: Books cannot be shipped to BC on-campus addresses. The notice that says differently on the order site is incorrect.

What does it mean to be a patron or benefactor? What is the money donated used for?
Sub Turri is a non-profit organization run through the generosity of our patrons and benefactors. The donated money is used to cover production costs like our contract with Jostens, supplies, and equipment.
All patrons and benefactors should e-mail us at subturri@bc.edu letting us know how they would like their name(s) to appear in Sub Turri so that they receive proper recognition.


May I use another photographer/picture?
No, Sub Turri has a contract with LifeTouch Studios.

How much does this cost?
There is NO sitting fee to get your yearbook photo taken and included in the yearbook. You are charged only if you decide to order pictures.

What can I expect on the day of my appointment?
Portraits are taken in the yearbook office, McElroy 103. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Females should dress in business casual wear and males should wear a shirt/tie/jacket. There will be a standard cap and gown provided for grad shots.

Where are my cap and gown photos?
Lifetouch mails cap and gown proofs home the first week of April.

Can I order a portrait package that combines cap and gown with the regular portraits?
Yes! Just contact a customer service rep online to do so.

Is there a deadline for ordering portraits?
Lifetouch keeps the proofs for a full academic year.

How do I sign up for senior portraits?
Sign up HERE.


Each year we have an incredible staff of undergraduate students working to create this book. If you are interested in being part of the staff please apply below!

Katie Tisinger

senior editor-in-chief

Veronica Agne

junior editor-in-chief

Kate Walsh

managing editor

Ravi Dhouni

business manager

Amir Parikh

business manager

Mohit Aayush

business staff

George Matli

Daniel Jones

Liz Tuten

Casey Maslan

Christa Reid

Gerry Menna

Kiera Nemsick

Kate Walsh

Kristin Morisseau

Madeline Adams

Marilyn Smith

Morgan Glover

Olivia Nelson

Kara Murdock

Baylor Tyrie

Lindsay Coleman

Emily Acito

Cecilia McCormick

Graydon Wood

Jaimie Kirkpatrick

Julia Capano

Christa Reid

Jeanette Jimenez

Caitlin Gardner

Alex Sacarin

Katja Teichmann

Krista Roze

Zoe Fanning

Lucia Del Rincon Martinez

Fidelia Ge

Avery Nunnally

Melanie Johnson


Applications for 2017-2018 staff are now open. We are excited to review your application!

Apply for Editorial

Our editorial staff is responsible for layout design, copy writing, and photography choice.

We are looking for both Section Editors and Section Staff. We welcome writing samples and portfolios.

Apply for Photo

Our photography staff covers events and other miscellaneous photo needs across all sections of the book.

Please submit a link to your portfolio or samples of your photography to subturri@bc.edu in addition to filling out this application.

Our Business Staff is responsible for handling sales and our budget. Applications for Business Staff will open in the spring.

senior checklist

for the class of 2018

Order Your Yearbook

Class of 2018, order your senior yearbook HERE.

Get Your Portrait Taken

Senior portraits are free! Don't miss your chance to be included in your class' yearbook. Portraits for the class of 2018 begin October 2, 2017!

Upload Your Photos

Submit your photos from the year using ReplayIt, or send them to subturri@bc.edu, to have them featured in your book!



  • Sub Turri
  • Boston College
    McElroy Commons 103
    Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

  • Phone: (617) 552-3493
  • Please note Sub Turri is student-run, and we aren't always in the office to answer calls. We will do our best to respond to your messages within 48 hours. For more urgent issues, please contact us via email.

  • subturri@bc.edu