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11/4/07 This fall's show, "The Best of Nat King Cole," will be performed Friday Nov 16 & Saturday Nov 17, at 7:30 and 10:30 each night in Fulton 511. Bring your friends, family, RAs, sworn enemies... comedy is universal. Per usual, five bucks apiece. Tickets at Robsham starting MONDAY, NOV 12th!
11/3/07 Thanks to everyone who came out to Remmington's yesterday for a night of sketch and stand-up comedy! Check back here for updates, yes actual updates, letting you know when we'll be performing there again.
9/13/07 Congratulations to Joe Tursi '11 and Bri LeRose '11. They survived two nights of grueling auditions to become the newest members of Shovelhead! Hugs and kisses.
9/5/07 ATTENTION FUNNY FOLKS! Hello...Shovelhead! will be holding auditions this coming Mon 9/10 and Tue 9/11, from 7 to 11 each night. Callbacks will take place on Wed 9/12 at 8pm. So bring your funny in a bag labelled funny! See you there.
4/13/07 Hello...Shovelhead! knows exactly what you're doing this 4/20. That's right... nothing. So come on out to our big Spring show, Wizard Robot Musical. We will rock your socks off on FRI 4/20 and SAT 4/21, with 2 shows each night at 7:30 and 10:30. Wizards. Robots. Musicalness. Don't miss it!
3/30/07 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Shovelhead was excited and honored to win this year's Baldwin Award for Best Actor. The award went to the members of the '05-'06 cast for The Greatest Movie Ever Made. On a less important note, HSH! then went on to lose the remaining 7 categories in which they were nominated.
3/12/07 Smashing News: Hello...Shovelhead! has been nominated for three Baldwin Awards. "A Tribute to Our Fans," "The Greatest Movie Ever Made," and "On the Trail!" all received nominations for this year's 3rd Annual Baldwin Awards. To view all three click here.
1/30/07 The official date of our Spring show has been set! The hallowed halls of Fulton 511 will once again ring with uncontrollable laughter this April on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st. Details to follow.
12/3/06 Thank you to all our fans who came out to our shows this weekend and made "Love Crime" a smashing success. We really do heart you. Sounds pretty chill/badass/funny, right?
11/16/06 HOLY OH MY GOD! Hello...Shovelhead!'s mainstage show is right around the comedy corner! "LOVE CRIME: Doin' It in McGuinn" will be performed on December 1 & 2, with two shows each night at 7:30 and 10:30. $5 tickets may be purchases AT THE ROBSHAM BOX OFFICE prior to the show. Unfortunately, as the title suggests, this semester's show will sadly be performed in McGuinn 121, NOT Fulton 511. Sorry, Fulton.
11/11/06 A big thanks to all of the other comedy groups who performed with us on Thursday. It was very exciting to share all of our talents with one another, and hopefully this will become an annual tradition. Oh, yeah, and thanks to all who came out to see us! Sorry about the whole Robsham thing... we're working on it.
10/25/06 Hello...Shovelhead! proudly announces it will join the comedic talents of Asinine, The Committee for Creative Enactments (CCE), and Nobel Prize-winning My Mother's Fleabag for a laugh-your-face-off Comedy Festival on Nov 9th at 8pm in Devlin 008.
9/14/06 Thank you to all who came out to our fall auditions. Additionally, a big congratulations to new Shovelhead!s Caitlin Fitzgibbons '09, Tien Tran '09, George Apfelbach '09, and Ben Freeman '10! Welcome to the family!
9/4/06 Come one, come all! The 2006 auditions for Hello...Shovelhead! will be held on September 11th and 12th at 7pm in Gasson 305. See you there!




Hello...Shovelhead! proudly presented the Boston Living Center with a check for $1,700 in appreciation for its efforts in the Boston area. The BLC works with men and women living with HIV and AIDS in and around Boston. The donation was made possible by all of our fans who came to our "Best Of" show this spring. Photos of the presentation are now available, too!
4/23/06 Thank you to all of our fans who came out to our spring show "Big Joke On Campus" over the weekend. The performances were a tremendous success.
3/13/06 BALDWIN AWARDS: Shovelhead is nominated for 3 Baldwin Awards this year! Barely Legal and LXJ are both nominated for Best Comedy, and the cast of LXJ is nominated for Best Actor. Of course, we are also up for the Viewer's Choice Award. So really, that's like a 4th nomination right there.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Best Of show. We were able to raise nearly $4,000 total for two great charities. Look for our brand new spring show coming up on April 21st and 22nd.


Shovelhead has grown a tremendous following this year and, in celebration, we're throwing a huge party known as our "BEST OF" show this February. We'll be performing our favorite sketches from the past 4 years. We'll also be donating all proceeds to our two favorite charities: Boston Living Center and Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief. Shovelhead: Good times, good laughs, good deeds. We'll see you there.


Thank you to everyone who came out to our fall auditions. Congrats to new Shovelheads K.K. Apple, Jim Gordon, and Derek Welch. You can read all about them on our newly updated cast page.


A new year means new auditions. 2005 Auditions for Hello...Shovelhead! are scheduled for the first few days in the week of September 12th in Gasson 305.


Thank you to everyone who made it to our Spring show! We had a huge turn out, which is always great. The History section has been updated with new reviews.


A BIG thank you goes out to everyone who voted for Skating on Thin Ice. Hello...Shovelhead! was lucky enough to come home with the Baldwin Awards' Viewer's Choice Award!! It was a great evening and we were glad to be a part of it. The movie can be viewed online and will be screened at the Boston College Arts Festival.Click here for the Baldwin Awards. Watch Skating on Thin Ice.


BALDWIN AWARDS: Shovelhead is nominated for a Baldwin award for Best Actor for our performance in Skating on Thin Ice: The Legend of Apolo Anton Ohno! We're also up for the Viewers Choice award.


Our show got a great response and we're really happy with the way everything turned out. Thank you to everyone who made it and help get the word out about us. Word of mouth has always been our best friend.


MAJOR SITE UPDATE: The cast, alumni, and media sections have been updated. The history section is next as well as more pictures. Also, if you're interested in joining the Shovelhead mailing list (you'll get like 2 emails a year to remind you about our shows) just email us and join the already huge list.


Congratulations to Ryan Kagy, Tim Manning, and Tom Ganjamie. They are survivors of three days of audition madness. WELCOME TO THE FAM!

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