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Our Mission...
The mission of Students for Corporate Citizenship is to improve business practices everywhere through a commitment to corporate citizenship. We are dedicated to helping Boston College MBA students learn and explore the issues of corporate citizenship including business ethics, corporate responsibility, cause-related marketing, sustainable business practices and social entrepreneurship.

Students for Corporate Citizenship (SCC) takes an active role in generating learning, leadership, and networking opportunities for its members through our relationships with various campus centers, national organizations, and local business and student groups.

For more information on the national Net Impact organization, please visit www.net-impact.org.

What we are/What we are not...

  • With the Center for Corporate Citizenship, dedicated faculty, and alumni, we are dedicated to building the reputation of the Carroll School as a recognized leader in the area of corporate citizenship, namely in the areas of business ethics and corporate responsibility.

  • We are not the conscience for the Carroll School. But, we are dedicated to raising the consciousness of the school, its faculty, and its students on the issues surrounding corporate citizenship.

  • We do not focus solely, or even primarily, on not-for-profit organizations. Rather, the issues we discuss and the initiatives we plan are for the benefit of anyone who will be a decision-maker at any level, in any type, of organization.

  • We are not a service organization. However, we do believe service to others, the community, and the environment are at the heart corporate responsibility. 

Our Members...
Although the group is comprised mostly of business students, membership is open to all Boston College graduate students.  To join the SCC e-mail list, please send us an e-mail with your contact information.

Our Faculty Advisor...
Meet Sandra Waddock.

20004-05 Officers...
View contact information for our current officers.


What is Corporate Citizenship, anyway?
"Corporate citizenship is not about how a company gives money away. It's about how it makes its money, and how it manages its money.  Good corporate citizenship is fiscal transparency, the demonstration of a corporate social conscience, and evidence that corporate values are more than pretty words on a framed plaque." 

                                     Brad Googins
                                     Executive Director
                                     Center for Corporate Citizenship



SCC meetings are held on an as-needed basis throughout the spring and fall semesters.  These meetings serve to welcome new members, network, and plan group events and initiatives.

Past & Planned SCC Events and Initiatives

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