SAP Begins

SAP programming begins officially on Monday, February 6th. If you'd like to get involved this semester, check out what's available!

New Website

Feel free to browse around the new site, and let us know at if you like or dislike anything!

SAP Programs

AHANA Outreach:

This program aims to educate and inform prospective AHANA students through telethons, open house events, and overnight visits throughout the year. Volunteers Volunteers are called upon to provide high school students with the AHANA student experience and perspective. By educating visitors and volunteers about matters of diversity on campus, the already diverse campus can grow further.

Campus Tours:

Tour guides have the chance to take groups of 1-50 visitors out for 75 minutes each week and use the BC campus as their backdrop. Tour guides are some of the most well versed students on campus and have passion for entertaining visitors as well as informing them about BC. A weekly tour slot is mandatory as well as two special saturdays and periodic special tours over the course of the semester. **This position is only available to SAP volunteers who have volunteered previously for SAP. In order to apply, the applicant must volunteer for at least two programs within one semester, OR one or two programs over multiple semesters. The application process occurs at the end of each semester.

Day Visits:

The Day Visit Program provides prospective students with a personal look at the BC experience with current students. Volunteers are expected to take visitors to at least one class, eat lunch with their guest at a dining hall (visitors are asked to bring money), to give an informal tour of the campus, and to convey a general sense of the average day at Boston College. Visitors and hosts are matched up according to academic interest by the Day Visit Coordinators in conjunction with the Office Management Staff. The day itself is informal and left mostly to the discretion of the host in order to personalize the process. Appointments are made through the SAP office and the day visit runs from 9:45 - 1:00 on MWF and 10:15 - 1:30 on TTH.

Eagle Eye Information Sessions:

Volunteers field the questions of prospective students and their families in an informal setting. Each panel is comprised of five students who represent a cross section of the Boston College student body. Volunteers required to sit on one one hour panel a week in addition to one or two Saturday or special panels per semester.  **This position is only available to SAP volunteers who have volunteered previously for SAP. In order to apply, the applicant must volunteer for at least two programs within one semester, OR one or two programs over multiple semesters. The application process occurs at the end of each semester.


The Greeting Program requires passion and enthusiasm for Boston College and a readiness to convey that excitement to visiting families during a weekly one-hour time slot in the Admissions Office. Greeters are the first volunteers to welcome visitors to Boston College and respond to their questions and concerns. This program provides a comfortable conversational setting in which you will encounter questions on academics, sports, social life, housing, and all areas in between. Greeters provide an invaluable service to the Office and gain excellent preparation to be Panelists or Tour Guides!

High School Visits:

The High School Visits Program invites all SAP volunteers to extend the work they do in the Student Admissions Office to their home communities over holiday breaks. This program will provide all volunteers with the training and materials necessary to structure admission presentations at their high schools over Thanksgiving and/or Christmas vacation. A small time commitment relative to other Programs, High School Visits is a perfect way to gain experience in SAP and to provide prospective students in your hometown with a familiar BC contact and a forum for open discussion about Boston College and the overall search process.

International Outreach:

International Outreach gives volunteers the opportunity to reach out to prospective International Students through letters and phone calls. During first semester volunteers write letters to International students who have expressed interest in BC, with the hopes of answering questions about BC, or just college life in the United States. Second semester volunteers call international students who have been accepted to Boston College. Volunteers do not need to be international students to get involved. The only requirement is a passion for BC and a commitment to furthering the already diverse student population.

Office Management:

Office management is the administrative backbone of SAP. Volunteers work in the SAP office, where they answer general questions and schedule day visits and special tours. Additionally, they perform routine office work (i.e. stuffing letters, making phone calls, etc.). Office management provides great office experience as well as an opportunity to learn more about the 8 other SAP programs. Time slots occur in one-hour intervals Monday through Friday from 9AM until 5PM. There are normally 2-3 volunteers assigned to each timeslot. Volunteers are welcome to sign up with a friend if accommodations permit.


The Outreach program is responsible for contacting prospective students domestically throughout the fall and accepted students during the spring. In the fall, Outreach volunteers write postcards and/or e-mails, depending upon the volunteer's preference, to students who are interested in learning more about BC. As final decisions are mailed from the Admission Office, volunteers contact and congratulate all accepted students (Early Action & Regular Decision) and offers themselves as resources for further questions and conversations about campus life.

SAP Media:

In the newest branch of the student admission program, participate in multifaceted methods of reaching out to prospective students using communication technologies and print. Join one of our committees - Publications, Video, Photography, and Online - and put your creativity to the test. None of our positiongs require any prerequisite knowledge, and participating can be as simple as writing a few paragraphs about your time at BC every couple weeks, to as much as helping to shoot and edit videos, develop graphics for the website, take photos for our monthly newsletter or our online photo journal, and writing content to add to the constantly expanding SAP website. We hope this program can grow to offer fun and interesting experiences in the field of unified communications, and make it easy for students all over the world to get a virtual feel for life at Boston College.