Campus Tours and Info Sessions

Campus Tours and Eagle Eye information sessions are available until April 26th.

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New Student Perspectives

If you browse around, you'll find more and more information published from students' blogs. Stick around over the course of the semester, we'll be updating those often!

EagleEye Information Sessions

Eagle Eye Information Sessions are conducted by admission staff members and include a panel of current undergraduates offering their views of academic and student life at Boston College. These sessions last approximately one hour.

Register for an Information Session: To register for a tour or panel, please click here to access the registration form. Boston College only uses the registration form to anticipate the number of visitors we expect to accommodate on a given day; visitors will never be turned down a tour or panel because we have too many people, and the Office of Undergraduate Admission keeps no record of attendance for the purpose of application reviews. There is no need to check in once you arrive on campus.


Visiting season has begun!

Our programs are all running in full force until April 27th.

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