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Finding a Balance - How to achieve multifaceted excellence

One of the main challenges of college is how much the overall experience should come into play while you're at school here. It's one of the issues that many prospective students have while trying to find a school in which you can fit in; naturally, you want to be somewhere that can simultaneously provide an outstanding academic opportunity, while allowing you to have fun and giving yourself a chance to explore outside of the classroom.

At most schools, you might find, students find ways to branch out from the classroom through extracurricular organizations, volunteer opportunities, atheltics, or even just relaxing with floormates in their dorms. This is all true at Boston College as well. One of the strongest characteristics of most BC students is that elusive "well-rounded" characteristic. Students might be involved in activities completely unrelated to their area of study, and work hard to maintain a variety of interests. Of course, at a university this size, it is also easy to invest yourself completely in a given environment, and immerse yourself to the point of mastering whatever it is - whether it is a Biology major who works in a research laboratory, and volunteers for Eagle EMS, or if it's an Information Systems major who started her own website business.

Part of the college experience is just that - finding out where you fit in for beyond graduation. However, the difficult part is the balance between finding a place you fit in, and exploring the huge array of opportunities in front of you. Surrounded by students in similar situations helps, and Boston College tries to provide the remaining resources to find this equilibrium.