Campus Tours and Info Sessions

Campus Tours and Eagle Eye information sessions are available until November

Check out our program calendar to plan your trip!

New Student Perspectives

If you browse around, you'll find more and more information published from students' blogs. Stick around over the course of the semester, we'll be updating those often!

How can you experience SAP?

The Student Admission Program offers a huge variety of ways to experience Boston College. Our goal is to convey what you can get out of your time at college here as best as we can, and our philosophy is that you should be able to choose the methods that will be most effective for you. Some examples of what we offer include:

  • Campus Tours: The classic college visit generally includes a campus tour. Led by our student volunteers, we hope the campus tour will give some insight into life on campus from a particular student's perspective.
  • Information Panels: Avoiding the standard (and yes, sometimes boring) lecture-type information session is important to us. We offer a panel of students to answer any and all questions their audience will ask, in addition to a brief overview from an admissions counselor.
  • Day Visits: If you want to experience a day in the life of an Eagle, you can sign up for a Day Visit, where you'll be paired with a single volunteer, attend their class, and explore campus together.
  • Outreach: If you can't make it to campus, but want the inside scoop or student-answered questions, you can sign up to for a Student Admission Program virtual pen pal.

In all, the Student Admission Program organizes eleven separate programs to help immerse curious visitors in the most effective experience possible.