Construction around campus

Boston College students love the campus and we hope you love it too! In an effort to keep up with the changing demands of a cutting edge research university, Boston College has committed itself to a renovation effort known as the Institutional Master Plan. Through this project, BC will continue to live its motto: "Ever to Excel"

Students, faculty, and administrators alike are all excited by the construction. New buildings and renovations make a statement about the stability of the University and its commitment to those on campus. If you have specific questions about the construction, visit the link above. It is no secret that construction can be disruptive and we hope to convey our honest opinions to every visitor. If you would like to ask a student directly, just shoot us an email at

Summary of Current Construction:
  • Stoke's Hall / The Dustbowl: The dustbowl has been transformed into the construction site for the first new building of the Institutional Master Plan which broke ground on October 4th, 2010. The green-space will likely reopen gradually throughout construction, until completion in Fall of 2012.
Gasson Hall (newly reopened)Stokes Hall