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The Be Current Campaign was started in order to further enhance the academic climate at Boston College. The Quality of Student Life Committee (QSLC) found that while students are academically challenged by their classes and stimulated by their extracurricular activities, they feel disconnected from their global surroundings. This lack of connection showed us the need to bring a variety of news sources onto campus. The Be Current Campaign helps connect students’ experiences to the international community by bringing newspapers free to campus each weekday. The Campaign allows students to peruse newspapers on the way to class, while eating lunch, or while doing work in their rooms. The presence of newspapers on campus will lead to a heightened sense of global awareness, while also reinstating and reinforcing the University's dedication to provide an academically stimulating environment for its students.

The Be Current Campaign began as an idea from the Committee’s review of academics in 2002. In order to address the situation that students felt a disconnect between the classroom and the world, many discussions among the Committee and then with newspaper representatives ensued in order to customize a program for Boston College. A proposal was then created and submitted to University officials for their review. The QSLC met with the Dean for Student Development, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Vice President of Student Affairs, Facilities Management, the Director of Public Relations and others. These meetings helped shape the Campaign into a strong academic program that is designed to influence how students perceive themselves in the global context.

On Monday September 20th, 2003 the BeCurrent Campaign began. Today, 500 copies of the Boston Globe and New York Times are available to students at the entrances to Lower, Hillside, McElroy, and the Stuart Bus Stop. Additionally, 50 copies of the USA Today are available daily at the entrance to Hillside.

The QSLC has many projects like this one. Each of our projects is completed in the same way - beginning as a discussion within the committee, then researched with overlap schools and finally meeting with administrators. If these sorts of projects sound interesting to you, please visit the How To Get Involved section of our website to learn more.

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