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October 3, 2005

Disorientated by Freshmen Disorientation

Huy Trinh

      This week the Global Justice Project (GJP) is releasing their annual magazine the Freshmen Disorientation. Their goal is to inform the students of injustices that are happening on campus and around the world. However, the audience for these materials belongs to a very selective group: the liberal, left and radical. They made little effort in providing an objectives point of view. This will satisfy their core readers, but it's unlikely to convert the large group of undecided students out there.

      This is not to say that they did not raise important issues that the students should be informed of. Their first article, The Movement for Equality, did a good job of emphasizing the struggle of equality for alternative sexuality. The article allows the students to understand the atmosphere of the school and the mood of the administration regarding this controversial issue.

      Turning to the next page, the readers are hit with the "Polices are Pig" ideology. The following article charged the current UGBC President as a cold hearted leader and the current student government as being a zoo. Subsequent articles: the investment decisions of BC, the drunken debauchery of immersion trips, freeing Palestine, firing Raytheon, a military contractor, as ruthless and so on, all shares the same anti-institutional theme.

      Being a freshman, I'm literally, as the title suggested, disoriented after reading this paper. I come from a point of ignorance about campus politics to one of confusion. One can't have an open mind and read this magazine without going "What the!?!" I don't know what to believe in and what to discard as propagandas from GJP. Many issues they're writing are valid, but it's so distorted because it is so extremely slanted towards their point of view. Even though my political beliefs are more align with the GJP, I was still taken back by their writings. I don't know how much trust to put in it as being fair source of information for freshman. This reading require selective tastes of radicalism in order to digest, but if you're like me, a moderate or just confused, pick this magazine up with a healthy level of skepticism.

Front Page (October 3, 2005)

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