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October 3, 2005

Dirty Jerz


      Hey New Jerseyites and people who care about politics. This election year is an off-year meaning many local races are just heating up such as that of mayor, city council and dogcatcher. In New Jersey, since it is such a special state, there is a special election for Governor. No actually it isn't special just corrupt. Gov. Jim McGreevey (D) resigned last year after he announced in August that he was gay, and that his extramarital affair with a man had compromised the governor's office. While this did occur, he really resigned because the widespread corruption of his administration and the action of appointing his gay lover to a state homeland security position. He left his office Novermber 16, 2004 to be replaced by New Jersey state Senate President Richard J. Codey (D). Codey brought some level of respectability back to the governor's office through his mild-manner and attempted reforms. However, Codey only kept the office nice and clean while Democratic Senator Jon Corzine was to be elected Governor this year. On Jan. 31, Codey announced his decision and bowed out of the race for a full four-year term, citing Corzine's wealth as a factor in his decision and defended his wife's privacy from the media.

      Senator Jon Corzine will face 2002 Senate nominee Doug Forrester, who defeated 2001 nominee Bret Schundler in the Republican primary. Jon Corzine, former chairman of Goldman Sachs, was elected senator from New Jersey in 2000 after waging the most expensive Senate campaign in American history. In the Senate Corzine has had a very liberal voting record; he has consistently argued that Democrats, having earned credibility on macroeconomic issues in the 1990s, should take forthright liberal stands. He continued to support universal health care, called for a national moratorium on the death penalty and a national ban of racial profiling; he voted against the Iraq war resolution in October 2002. But he got the most attention on the issue of corporate accountability in wake of the Enron scandal.

      Doug Forrester, a former state assistant treasurer and businessman who was the 2002 GOP Senate Candidate is running a campaign based on lowering propterty taxes and corruption to fix NJ's fiscal crisis. He also plans to ensure that quality health care is affordable for all since NJ has one of the worst quality health care systems.

      The recent gubernatorial debate has shown that while Forrester has empty rhetoric, Jon Corzine has visionary plans to create jobs and is willing to advocate for working people as well as a progressive New Jersey. So NEW JERSEYITES grab an absentee ballot and proudly vote for Senator Jon Corzine for Governor.

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