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October 3, 2005

ALC and GLC need and deserve funding granted by UGBC

Editorial Board

      ALC (AHANA Leadership Council) and GLC (GLBT Leadership Council) represents approximately thirty-five percent of the Boston College campus, they were granted funding which is approximately fifteen percent of total UGBC departmental spending. While some might find it "outrageous" that some departments suffered budget cuts of three hundred dollars, we feel that providing funding to ALC and GLC, which provide vital services to our campus, a campus that continues to struggle with issues of diversity, is appropriate. ALC and GLC are not exclusive to the minorities their name implies, nor to allies of these minorities. Intrinsic to both councils is the goal of promoting diversity and understanding to the campus as a whole. We are very happy to see that Luke and Ben followed through with the promise they made last year following the defeat of a Senate vote to guarantee funding—they promised to fully fund ALC and GLC, and they did. Following conversations with ALC and GLC, Luke and Ben followed through with their motto, "Putting Students First." By doing so they have helped all of BC, and not just the significant primary constituency of GLC and ALC. While the forces of sanity on campus have helped to guarantee this funding, the voice of the radical, (un)-Christian right on campus has chosen to attempt to further divide us. When The Observer published their editorial, "Putting Who First?" along side a cartoon depicting ALC and GLC as pigs (the GLC pig was a feminine pig, a perpetuation of a stereotype), we were unfortunately reminded that some on this campus are as committed to hateful slander as those in the middle and left are to peaceful coexistence, and rational tolerance. When they speak of the "average BC student," we are reminded of how out of touch they really are—our community is made up of people from every walk of life, from rich to poor, black to white, gay and straight, Catholic to agnostic—but what binds us together is the Jesuit ideal of "Men and Women for Others"—as the Observer slanders UGBC, ALC, GLC, GJP, and any other acronym that might fall to the left of their narrow minded, and deliberately blind, view of Christianity and Society—we applaud all students here at Boston College who engage each other in civil discourse—we need not agree on every issue, but we must protect all students so that these conversations may continue.

      We encourage every student at BC to attend ALC and GLC events. There will be many interesting and thought provoking panels throughout the year, from which any student at BC would benefit.

Front Page (October 3, 2005)

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