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October 3, 2005

ALC and GLC need and deserve funding granted by UGBC

      ALC (AHANA Leadership Council) and GLC (GLBT Leadership Council) represents approximately thirty-five percent of the Boston College campus, they were granted funding which is approximately fifteen percent of total UGBC departmental spending. While some might find it "outrageous" that some departments suffered budget cuts of three hundred dollars, we feel that providing funding to ALC and GLC, which provide vital services to our campus, a campus that continues to struggle with issues of diversity, is appropriate. ALC and GLC are not exclusive to the minorities their name implies, nor to allies of these minorities. Intrinsic to both councils is the goal of promoting diversity and understanding to the campus as a whole. . . . [Read Article]

March on Washington: But Who is Listening?

      On Saturday September 24 2005, several hundred thousand people gathered in Washington DC to protest America's war in Iraq. At 12.30pm they set off down Constitution Ave, marched past the Ellipse, around the White House, down Pennsylvania Ave towards the United States Capitol and back down Constitution Ave. Thousands of protestors joined the march throughout the afternoon and there was a large collection of people in front of the White House at all times. . . . [Read Article]

What Happened in Haiti? Or, "Does George Bush care about Black People?"

      On July 6, 2005 something very important happened in Cite Soleil, an impoverished area of the Haitian capital city of Port-au-Prince. What we know is that the French and U.S. sponsored U.N. mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH, carried out a military action, and a man named Dread Wilme was killed, along with some other number of Haitian citizens (between 5 and 80). Beyond this the facts become very cloudy, and that is a very big problem. The U.N. claims it was ridding the city of gangs. Many pro-Aristide sources report that it was a political attack on unarmed civilians, designed to intimidate a pro-Aristide support base. . . . [Read Article]

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