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September 14, 2005

GLC Goals

John Hellman

      We are entering into a very important academic year here at Boston College. Last year, BC students, members of the faculty, and administration participated in a rally for equality, demanding that the non-discrimination clause include the words "sexual orientation". Not only did this rally induce change in the clause, it also highlighted the issues surrounding GLBT individuals. These issues have now been placed in the spotlight, and we need to ride last year's momentum and continue the dialogue that was started because of last year's rally.

      There are many issues that the Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Leadership Council (GLC) would like to confront on campus this year. Our main goal is to create an atmosphere at Boston College so that all students feel welcome and apart of the greater BC community. This includes confronting the issues that most GLBT individuals have to face, like coming out, being in the closet, homophobia, and issues of suicide and depression. In order to address them, we plan on having speakers and panels to discuss these issues and also having a place where people can come in and just talk about what's troubling them. From 6pm to midnight on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, conference room 255 in 21 Campanella Way will be open to anyone who wants to walk in and talk in a safe, confidential setting.

      Another important issue that is often ignored by the gay rights movement is the intersection of sexuality and other things, like race and gender. Lesbians and GLBT individuals of AHANA descent are often ignored by the movement and the media, and we need to address all aspects of homophobia, including the additions of racism and sexism.

      This is a very exciting year, and there are many other issues that the GLC will address. Hopefully by sparking dialogue about these issues on campus, we can begin to start proposing solutions about how to combat the discrimination that all GLBT individuals face.

      John Hellman is President of the GLBT Leadership Council, and a senior at Boston College.

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