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April 29, 2005

Equality Rally Gallery

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Equality Rally   Equality Rally

Equality Rally   Equality Rally

Equality Rally   Equality Rally

Equality Rally   Equality Rally

Equality Rally

      The Rally and Strike for Equality signified not just an amazing day for the GLBT community at Boston College—it was an amazing day for all of Boston College. For this reason, we have chosen to dedicate a large amount of space to the Rally and Strike.

      We could not have imagined a more powerful message of community and love, solidarity and caring here on campus. The 1,500 voices that spoke out on a beautiful Friday afternoon reaffirmed the faith that B.C. is a good place for everyone to be.

      As an Editorial Board, we would like to thank and congratulate all of the students whose time and energy made the event possible. We applaud Nick Salter for his unwavering dedication to GLBT issues, Burnell Holland for his hard choice to stay in solidarity for the Rally, even in the light of personal commitments, Paul Lewis for his eloquent summary, and Theresa Hammond and Chris Young for their moving personal stories. To all of the professors who cancelled class, our hats are off to you. Most importantly, to the huge numbers of students who attended the Rally; it was for, about, and possible because of you.

      To echo the sentiment of Paul Lewis, we feel that discrimination is wrong, inexcusable, and irreconcilable with the Jesuit, Catholic mission of Boston College. We urge those in the administration capable of making change to continue to work with the dedicated students who speak for many more in the community that desperately want to see change. We love Boston College, we want it to be the best place it can be—but until there is a non-discrimination policy that echoes the values of the community, making it a completely accepting place for all people, the full potential of this University cannot be realized.

      We have but one concern and that is that the momentum behind this movement will fall off during the summer. We encourage all those that are passionate about these issues—passionate about Boston College—to keep the issue of non-discrimination at the forefront of discussion for as long as it takes for change to be made.

      While it is impossible to recapture the energy, passion, and joy of the March on paper, we have chosen this centerfold of images to remind Boston College that "This is What Equality Looks Like".

Front Page (April 29, 2005)

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