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April 29, 2005

Congratulations to Professor Brian Braman!

Congratulations to Professor Brian Braman!

      On Monday, April 25, 2005, Dr. Brian Braman was presented with the 2005 Mary Kaye Waldron Award. The award was created ten years ago and is Boston College's only student-nominated and student-selected award. Mary Kaye Waldron was a student who passed away during her senior year at BC; every year UGBC sponsors an intimate evening with Mary Kaye's friends and family, as well as the current recipient, past recipients, and distinguished BC guests.

      The event commemorates Mary Kaye's spirit by honoring an outstanding full-time faculty member or administrator who has demonstrated a continuing commitment to the values and ideals of Boston College. Professor Braman's commitment is evident not only through his dedication to Philosophy Department and the Perspectives Program but also through a deep belief in the need to enhance student life in a positive manner. He is famous for inviting students into his home and preparing meals for them with his wife, Peggy. Professor Braman is a most deserving member of the Boston College community, and we wish him many years of happiness and success.

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