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April 29, 2005

Right-Wing Slant in UGBC and The Heights will hurt Boston College

      After a divisive election, we had hoped Luke and Ben would move to unite the campus. While we still have this hope, we are disturbed by the appointment of Chris Pizzo, to Chief of Staff, the highest appointed position within UGBC. We are also distressed by the appointment of Doug Bush to the post of Executive Director of Social and Cultural issues—a position that has traditionally been held by individuals with a concern for social justice. . . . [Read Article]

This Is What Equality Looks Like

      "If [Boston College students] understood the complexity of the issues, we're confident they would have voted differently"—University spokesperson Jack Dunn on the overwhelming student support for the inclusion of sexual orientation in the non-discrimination clause.

      That statement seems a little hollow now, doesn't it? On Friday, April 15th, close to 1,500 Boston College students proved we knew exactly what we voted for during the online UGBC elections. Students took the unprecedented step of striking class to fight for the rights of the GLBT community, and participated in a rally and march unlike anything ever seen on this campus. The events followed a frustrating attempt to compromise with the administration, which refused to put sexual orientation on the same footing as other categories in the university's non-discrimination clause even though 84 percent of students who voted support its inclusion. Caroline Park, LSOE '08, spoke about the effectiveness of a strike by saying that "it sends a really clear message that we'll put this before our own education. . . . [Read Article]

Equality Rally Gallery

Equality Rally

Equality Rally

Equality Rally

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