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April 14, 2005

Maeghan Silverberg '04 Manages Cambridge City Campaign

Justin Galacki

      So what is there after the meetings, speakers, debates, and rallies? One of the most dedicated members of the College Democrats during her time here, Meg kept fighting for the progressive cause just a day after graduation. She moved up to Manchester, NH to serve as an organizer for America Coming Together, one of the many groups which worked to help get John Kerry elected. For ACT, she knocked on doors, recruited volunteers, planned events, talked to voters, and developed a voter registration plan. "The experiences I had as a BC Democrat had prepared me to take on a leadership role in ACT straight out of college," Meg fondly recalls. Although Senator Kerry came up short in the national election, the hard work and long hours that ACT put in helped turn New Hampshire to his side, the only state that supported Bush in 2000 to do vote in the Senator's favor.

      Meg currently serves as the Campaign Manager in Cambridge City Councilor Brian Murphy's bid for re-election. "I got involved with Brian Murphy's campaign through a friend and fellow BC Democrat. Around Christmas, I got a phone call from a fellow '04 BC Dem, who had volunteered for Brian Murphy's campaign in 2003, when we were seniors. He said Brian was hiring a campaign manager, and he had thought of me. I sent along my resume, and the next week, I met with Brian to talk about his campaign and my experience. A few weeks later, he offered me the job, and I started work." Meg stresses how important the connections she made at Boston College have been. For her, networking in politics has been incredibly important to help her get where she is today: working for a great candidate who has fought for the same issues that she has. Brian Murphy has been an excellent progressive leader. He cosponsored the resolution that allowed Cambridge to proceed early on same-sex marriages, and championed the fight to make Cambridge smoke-free. The campaign is going well and Meg is excited to move forward with it. "The hours on a campaign may be long, and the work, at times repetitive, but these are just small prices to pay for the excitement of seeing victory on Election Night."

      Recalling her days at Boston College, Meg likes to point out that BC is a wonderful place to learn about service, community, justice, and politics. The lessons, discipline, and ideologies you can develop here can carry you into a successful career in public service.

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