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April 14, 2005

The Pope's Legacy

      "I come as a pilgrim of love, of truth, and of hope." Taken from Pope John Paul II's visit to Cuba, this statement embodies his mission during his 26 year reign as the head of the Catholic Church. During his time as leader of the Church, he redefined the papacy as that of pastor and evangelist, extending the reach of the Church with his charisma and will power. In his tenure, he played a pivotal role in the fall of communism, spread the Catholic message to all corners of the world, and endeared himself to billions with his warmth, courage and integrity. . . . [Read Article]

Is it her choice to leave?

      I have never seen a pregnant woman on campus. Have you? I hope you have. I hope it's just me that hasn't. I hope that there are a number of pregnant women on campus whom I've just never seen. Yet somehow I don't think that this is true.

      So, I haven't seen any pregnant BC women, big deal, right? It is a big deal. There are 5,005 undergraduate women, 237 full-time female faculty members, and 2,770 female graduate students at Boston College. You would think at least one of these women would become pregnant during her time here. In fact, the College Area Pregnancy Services online website says that studies done by the Alan Guttmacher Institute suggest that "10% of all college women become pregnant each year." Even if this number is far too large and encompasses far too diverse a demography to be directly applied to Boston College, it at least means there are a good number of women who become pregnant while here. Even if we halve that percentage, then apply it to BC numbers, it would mean approximately 250 undergraduate women become pregnant each year. . . . [Read Article]

Letter to the Editor: Now What? Move on That's What

      When the Observer comes out, I am regularly disgusted with many of its articles because of its oversimplified, arrogant, and caustic nature. The articles gloat in narrow electoral victories, and concede nothing to the 49% of the population who voted for Kerry. I must admit I was not surprised, though, I am from the blood-red state of Texas and I am used to this Republican hubris. However, after reading the Patriot I was upset by less of its articles but still put the paper down with a bad taste in my mouth. . . . [Read Article]

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Following the Pope's Lead

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Enter the Blogosphere

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John, meet Alexander

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Bush's Plan for Peace: Unlimited F-16's for Pakistan

All The News That's Left To Print

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