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March 31, 2005

Still don't get it? Why I loathe GW

John Wheatley

      George W. Bush has no business being leader of the free world. Mr. Bush spent his first term and has vowed to spend his second term pursuing an extreme, far right social agenda. Meanwhile, his fiscal policies have weakened an economy already in decline. Mr. Bush's foreign policy has been a disaster. Finally, President Bush has far from earned my trust when it comes to matter's of national importance. There is no way George W. Bush should be President of the greatest country in the world.

      President Bush's social agenda is extreme, unconstitutional and dangerous. He spent his first term appointing conservative judges to the Federal courts and if given the opportunity, will appoint one or more conservative judges to the US Supreme Court. If Bush replaces one of the left leaning judges on the supreme court with a conservative judge then many key progressive decisions will come in jeopardy of being over turned. Among them is Roe V. Wade which gives a woman the right to make her own decision on the issue of abortion. Although there are many in this country who believe life begins at conception, there are also many who believe differently and it is not the job of the former to dictate morality to the latter. Even more extreme is Bush's views on stem cell research. It has been proven that using stem cell's from discarded embryo's can aid doctor's greatly in their battles against disease's such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Despite all this, Mr. Bush has placed a ban on federal funding of stem cell research which has essentially put a freeze on it. Polls have shown that this ban is opposed by an overwhelming percentage of our country, as well as fellow social conservatives including Republican Senators John Mccain and Orin Hatch. It is hypocritical of president who accused his opponent in the 2004 election of being for bigger government to place bans such as this that restrict individual freedoms. Finally, President Bush made a point of supporting a ban of same sex marriages in his first term. There is no reason other than bigotry that homosexual couples should not be afforded the same rights as straight couples and Mr. Bush knows it. He simply used this issue to gain support amongst social conservatives in the 2004 election. At the beginning of his second term Mr. Bush stated that it wasn't even realistic to get the ban passed through congress. Mr. Bush's nineteenth century social policies have no place in today's world.

      President Bush's economic policy is misguided and ineffective. When President Bush took office in 2001 he inherited a $127 billion dollar surplus from the Clinton administration. Over the last four years this surplus has turned into a $427 billion dollar deficit. There are many reasons for the economic downturn, including the burst of the tech bubble and the September 11th attacks. However, Bush did little in his first term to help turn the economy around. Bush, a self-proclaimed conservative, increased government spending in his first term while lowering taxes, in particular for wealthiest 2% of Americans. Bush has also led our country into a war in Iraq which has cost our country hundred's of billions of dollars. Most recently, Bush has proposed changing one of our countries oldest and most successful programs, social security. This program does need fixing as it will be in jeopardy in the future. President Bush's solution however, is far too risky. Instead of guaranteeing social security benefits for seniors, Bush wants to let worker's put their money in private investment accounts. This can work to a workers advantage if the worker invests wisely, however it could also put the worker at a severe disadvantage if he fails to invest his money intelligently. The one party that benefits for sure from increased investment in the stock market is Vice President Cheeney's associates on Wall St. Bush's fiscal polices put our country is serious economic danger.

      Finally, George W. Bush's foreign policy has been reckless and short sighted. He led us into a war against Iraq with the promise that there were stock piles of weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq supported Al Queda, the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks. As it turns out neither of these so called "facts" were actually true. Although, the Bush administration has claimed Iraq plotted with the terrorists that committed the September 11th attacks, there has been no real evidence that they did. Bush's former counter-terrorism advisor, Richard Clarke, has even gone on record as saying that attacking Iraq after 9/11 would be like "attacking Mexico after the attacks on Pearl Harbor." Now the Bush Administration claims the war was to liberate the people of Iraq. Don't get me wrong, it is a good thing that Saddam is gone, however now the country has been transformed into a war zone. America has lost almost 1500 lives to this point and spent hundreds of billions of dollars that could have been used to help turn around our struggling economy. In addition, this war has isolated us from many of our closest allies including France, Germany and Canada. Bush has claimed that faulty intelligence was the reason for his misconceptions about how much of a threat Iraq was to the US. So how has he dealt with those people who advised him on the war? His Secretary of Defense whom even offered to resign twice has been asked to stay on into the second term, his National Security Advisor has been promoted to Secretary of State and many of the people in charge of gathering intelligence including CIA Director George Tennat (who called the case for WMD's in Iraq a "slam dunk") have been awarded with medals. These are clearly not the actions of a man competent enough to run foreign policy for the world's most powerful country.

      To conclude, George W. Bush's tenure as president, thus far, has been a debacle. His social policies threaten to restrict the rights of our country's citizens and have no place in the 21st century. His fiscal policies have put our country in a hole which it will take years to get out of. President Bush's foreign policy has cost American lives, tax dollars and our good reputation with the rest of the world. And when asked, in the midst of a ill-advised war and a lagging economy, to name one mistake his administration has made in his first term, what did Mr. Bush come up with? If you've watched the news for more then 5 minutes over the last four years it should come as no surprise that he couldn't think of one. Oh well it's only four more years... what's the worse that could happen?

Front Page (March 31, 2005)

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