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March 31, 2005

Registration Recommendations

Compiled from the suggestions of many BC students

      With registration just around the corner, we at the Patriot wanted to provide a rudimentary guide to progressive classes and professors. Although some of the courses listed below are only offered every other semester or every other year, this should give you a jump start in planning your schedule for next year.

African-American Women Leaders in Civil Rights, Professor Christopher Nteta
In this course, Black women are “presented as their own liberator rather than as appendages to the Black male counterparts.”
The American Dream, Professor Sarah Babb
This is a critical look at the “American Dream” and our obsession with individualism.
American Economic Crises and Social Change, Professor Charles Derber
A look at US-style capitalism, its social costs and the movement for change.
Biography of Power in Latin America, Professor Sergio Serulnikov
Taught in Spanish, this class analyzes the ideas and deeds of Latin American men and women who had a significant impact in shaping politics and social movements.
Blacks in the Electronic Media, Professor Lawrence Watson
CCR/Naturalmente, Professor Kathy Lee
This is an intensive Spanish course with lots of current event info from Latin America.
Challenge of Justice, Professor Matthew Mullane
This class studies the principle understandings of justice that have developed in the Western philosophical and theological traditions.
Culture, Identity and the Asian-American Experience, Professor Ramsay Liem
Explores the “contemporary and historical experience of Asian-Americans” and examines current and relevant events in nearby Asian-American communities.
Coastal Field Ecology, Professor Peter Auger
This course is a study of barrier beach systems in New England. Covers “tides and climate, floral and faunal biodiversity and ecology, as well as the conservation of rare ecosystems.”
Deviance and Social Control, Professor Stephen Pfol
An interesting class by and incredible professor.
Eyes on the Prize, Professor Derrick Evans
The most comprehensive look at the Civil Rights Movement that BC has to offer.
Family, School and Society, Professor John Cawthorne
Global Fiction, Professor Andrew Von Hendy
Globalization, Professor Paul Christensen
Professor Christensen gives an impartial look at corporate globalization, its institutions (WTO, IMF, etc.) and its social consequences.
Globalization and the Media, Professor Elfriede Fursich
Goin’ to Chicago: The Great Migration and Black Urban Culture, Professor Davarian Baldwin
History and the Development of Racism, Professor Horace Seldon
History of Racial Violence in America, Professor Crystal Feimster
How violence helped shape history among Native Americans, European immigrants, African Americans, Chicanos and Asian Americans.
History of US Foreign Policy, Professor Seth Jacobs
First semester covers 1776-1918 and the second semester covers 1918-present.
Inequality in America, Professor Eve Spangler
Did you know that 1% of Americans own 40% of the country’s wealth and 50% of all stocks and bonds? Learn what this concentration of money means for our society. Special emphasis on the racial wealth gap.
Intro to Feminism, Numerous Professors
The basics of feminism and the relationship between gender, class and race in society.
Intro to Political Economy, Professor Juliet Schor
Irish Political Film, Professor John Michalczyk
Law, Medicine and Ethics, Professor Fr. John Paris
Modern History I and II, Professor Stephan Schloesser, SJ
Narrative Interpretation, Professor Carlo Rotella
Peace or War, Professor Charlie Derber
This class studies the role of the US as a hegemonic power in the world, focusing on post-WWII US foreign policy and imperialism. The class fills up very quickly so try and get in early!
Personal and Social Responsibility (PULSE), Numerous Faculty
The PULSE program combines the philosophy and theology core requirements into one course that requires 10 hours of community service and three classes per week. Highly recommended for learning more about social and economic justice from personal experience and reflection.
Philosophy of World Religions, Professor Peter Kreeft
Political Economy and Sustainable Development in Costa Rica, Professor Mark Landy
Part of a summer trip to Costa Rica which can get you BC credit.
Political Sociology, Matthew Gregory
Professor Debra Levenson-Estrada, All courses recommended
Focus on Latin American history in relation to US foreign policy.
Professor Easter, All courses recommended
Professor John Mahoney, All courses recommended
Professor Jennie Purnell, All courses recommended
Religious Quest, Professor Harry McDargh or Professor Makransky
A two-term commitment.
Rise and Rule of Islamic States, Professor Kathleen Bailey
Explores the nature of Islamic political system in history as well as the problems and prospects faced today by Muslim states.
Shop Til You Drop, Professor Juliet Schor
Relating consumerism to history, politics, psychology and the environment.
Social Movements, Professor Jeffrey Langstraat
Social and Political Economy, Professor Charles Derber
Sociology of Mass Media, Professor Schmalzbauer
Understanding Urban Ecosystems, Professor Aaron Toffler, Cassie O’Connor, or Eric Strauss
The city as an ecosystem, not an intrusion on one.

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