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March 31, 2005

Progressive Profiling: The Global Justice Project

Katherine Adam

      Welcome to the first installment of Progressive Profiling. This issue, we examine the Global Justice Project, a group made infamous on campus with the release of their controversial “Freshman Disorientation” packet and their protest of Raytheon at the career fair. But, the common compartmentalization of the GJP as “troublemakers” ignores what it really is: a principled and dedicated group of radicals—not “liberals” (I learned that hard way)—fighting for justice in every sense of the word, driven by their deep and unwavering respect for humanity. By tackling domestic and international issues like poverty, racism, war and exploitive trade policies, the GJP works to create a society that is controlled by participatory democracy. I met with an active GJP member Katrina Quisumbing King to find out why she thinks the group is a valuable asset to Boston College.

      What need does the GJP fulfill in the Boston College progressive community?

      “I think we provide the leftist perspective, provide people the opportunity for activism, and the opportunity to learn more about issues of social and economic inequality.”

      What has been your most satisfying experience in the GJP?

      “Just forming connections with other radicals and professors, because it’s really satisfying knowing that there is support for this on campus. I also really like seeing campaigns materialize.”

      How does your famous non-hierarchical structure contribute to achieving the objectives of the GJP?

      “A hierarchy by definition subjugates people to the power of others. Since we are about justice and equality, we want consensus. We want decisions to be in the interest of all the people.”

      What issue at Boston College do you see as most pressing in terms of social justice?

      “Learning to recognize the voices of those who have been marginalized. Not just accepting those perspectives as radical, but as real and meaningful, need to be welcomed into the community.”

      The Global Justice Project is sponsoring two upcoming teach-ins on the issues of the World Bank and the War in Iraq. They are currently spearheading a campaign for public disclosure of the investments of the Boston College endowment office, and are involved in the fight to include sexual orientation in the Boston College non-discrimination clause. To get information about any of these issues, or if you are interested in joining the Global Justice Project, email Katrina at

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