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March 31, 2005

CSOM Voting Behavior Reinforces Notion of Uncaring Capitalists

Patrick A. Forcelli

      I have nothing against Capitalism. As a matter of fact, I think that it is the best system to, as of yet, be tried – it has done a lot more to spread wealth across populations, it is an efficient and self-correcting system, and there is something very fair about earning what you work for. That being said, the system has its flaws. When we look at the disregard for human life and human rights by corporations worldwide – be it through sweat-shop labor, discrimination in hiring and wage policies, or environmental abuse; it becomes easy to see why Capitalism has so many critics. So, what the hell does this have to do with CSOM? In the recent UGBC elections, there was a huge disparity in CSOM voting when compared to the rest of the University. Among CSOM students, Luke Howe and Ben Nauman emerged with a two to one victory over Reena Parikh and Nick Fuller-Googins who ran a campaign based on Social Justice. It has been speculated that the CSOM voting behavior was a result of Fuller-Googins’ protest of Raytheon and the pair’s involvement in the Global Justice Project. If that is the case, I for one am scared of the direction in which tomorrow’s business leaders will run things. One would have hoped that students would want someone outspoken at the helm of UGBC. One would hope that some of the Jesuit mentality, “Men and Women for Others”, would have rubbed off on more CSOMers. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not painting all students in CSOM as money-grubbing-power-whores. But, to those of you out there that voted against Reena and Nick because of their liberal social stance: I just hope for you that you don’t wind up poor, working in a sweatshop, or become a minority of any sort – because with all the power and influence you hope to have, you will be making the world a very inhospitable place for those that need help. So, without any further speculation on my part, I will leave you with one final thought: CSOM also had the lowest percentage of students in support of the Referendum – about 72% compared to 85% in CSON, 86% in CAS and 92% in LSOE.

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